Saving America

It’s said a five star general has the authority to arrest the President of the United States but we don’t have one. They murdered the last five star general in approximately 1972–the same way they murdered James Forrestal who was about to tell the public that we did NOT win World War II and about the flying saucers. In 1948 the Germans defeated Admiral Byrd in Antarctica. And, yes Hitler survived the war!

They threw General Brown and Sectetary of Defense Forrestal out of windows to their deaths. We are ruled by murderers. Sociopaths.

Today, the only man who can arrest the President of the United States is the Sargent of Arms of the United States Congress. The problem is the current Sargent of Arms participated in the “insurrection” of January 6, 2021 He was an active participant who helped stage that event!

So, is the Sargent of Arms for the Congress going to do his duty and arrest the Usurper-in-Chief Joe Biden? No. Hell no!

During his first week in power Joe Biden acting as President of the United States gave the Red Chinese, the ChiComs complete access to America’s power grid. Now, we are at the total mercy of the Communist Chinese. They can turn the power off or or on or down at their will from section to section. The Chinese as purveyors of our electric grid under the guise of maintenance are free to sabotage and destroy our electrical grid.

What that means is if the Chinese choose to take out our power grid within one year 90% of Americans will be dead. And the Chinese don’t have to fire a shot. They don’t have to invade. All the ChiComs need do is sabotage our electrical grid!

If the Chinese took down our power grid it is estimated it would take at least 10 years for us to rebuild our manufacturing base in order to begin to be able to manufacturer the transformers necessary to once again have a working power grid.

Joe “bite me” Biden has rendered America totally helpless to our mortal enemies. The elite with their New World Order have succeeded in putting a very unstable demented man of poor character into office. And the NWO has had it’s Speaker of the House who may order the Sargent of Arms to arrest Joe Biden in place for a long time.

Will Speaker Pelosi give such an order? Is the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi herself mentally stable?

Look at the number of communist sympathizers in high office today. Many should be registered as foreign lobbyists for the Chinese because they are their agents! Look at Fienstein. Look at that Congressman who remains on the intelligence committee despite of the fact the Chinese agent who had compromised him was forced to flea the country.

If we had a stable government the Sargent of Arms of the Congress would arrest Joe Biden and save America. I am not betting on this one!

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