An Accounting for Pence

Word in Indiana is Mike Pence was sent a message and this one is far worse than any blackmail. His son is in the military and the threat was they’d put his son on the front lines and let him take a bullet from his own side! A little friendly fire!

We are ruled by murderers and protecting one’s child is a pretty serious thing. This may well be the means by which Pence was compromised and forced to abandon his duties as Vice President regarding this election.

1 thought on “An Accounting for Pence

  1. Gunnar

    The evil powers of be, that CAN’T live in TRUTH or win and play fair and square; did the same to Ross Perot. Although, Mr. Perot come public with that at the time and was anyone prosecuted? Obviously not, since he was not in Office. Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips list a lot of those entities along with The Planned Destruction of America by The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner; Marketing of Evil/How Evil Works etc., by David Kupelian, Constance Cumbey Reads; Video’s..


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