The Prophet Deagel

This is no such prophet but rather a contemporary website that recently took down its pages of predictions for the nations of the world in 2025. Deagel may still have its list of current world stats still up. It shows “current” populations, per capita income and amount of money spent on national defense.

What Deagel “prophesied” [predicted] for the USA was a massive drop in per capita income down to merely $16,000 a year and, more importantly, a reduction in population from approximately 330 Million to only 69 Million!

Deagel claims or claimed before they took that page down that the USA will lose approximately 270 Million people by sometime in 2025. Thus, in about 2019 Deagel predicted the genocide of Americans which is what I fear is happening today.

Think about it. How many elderly did New York Governor Cuomo alone send off to die? How many did Governor Gavin Newsom send to die? What about Governor Whitmer?

What we are experiencing is NOT a “pandemic” but rather a GENOCIDE just like Hitler was accused of! Start with the elderly, then the infirmed. What’s next? The children?



And Hitler was wrongly accused. Sure, he certainly did some bad stuff but no way there were 6 Million Jews! It was impossible. I’ll accept the Red Cross stats. Besides, the real holocausts were several and Adolph did not do those. Who do you think did those? His accusers!

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  1. Gunnar

    I’m VERY sorry to say this in my over 40 years of exposing child abuse in all shapes and forms like our public education school grammar textbooks running theme was telling the children to kill themselves which “Citizen’s Magazine” Focus on the Family took public at the time via awesome Journalist Debbie Mendenhall. That’s when really learned of John Whitehead and the Rutherford Institute. Know for years they’re coming for the children and that’s before knew of “Georgian Guidestones”, knew of Zero Population Movement. Roe vs. Wade evil lies and agenda was a wake up call to the False Church Institute and before “Taking Prayer Out of Schools” which should have been a real wake up call to people who attended Church and we weren’t researching a matter in their inane, inept, ineffectual, irrelevant role just being spiritual vampires and spiritual cannibals as never living James 1:27 it was about building their bank accounts and real estate empire/portfolio. Consider the false church institute downright evil, vile, wicked, beasty and part of the satanic system nothing Christian (Christ like) in behavior, very sad realization and here we are. Also, preying on the people but not praying for as when reflected on years sat in church never really learned anything concrete had to read Bible on own to learn, prayer talked about not done but remnant group of intercessors that carried; sobering reality. When you reflect on Homeless and the condition of our World vs. False Church Institute never helping or serving anyone it’s always been remnant of people that lived Matthew 7:13-14 spoken of the number of few and Bible already written.

    1. admin Post author

      Damn, man. Use paragraphs and spacing to make this draw the eye, especially when you have somethings this important to say. Or write several separate comments.

      These serious ones I have to post and there is so much here that I am afraid others might not be able to connect the dots or comprehend all of it. (Yes, it is so thick it’s hard for me. I am a bit retarded.)


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