An Open Letter to Senator Murkowski

I know the proper salutation is “the honorable senator” but you are not honorable! However, you are not alone. There are 99 other “not honorable senators” including great men like Mr. Lee and Mr. Cruz.

Not one of you sitting Senators is honorable! Why? Because all y’all hold the office unlawfully!

Our Founding Fathers had it right and this particular facet of our problems started with “Honest Abe” Lincoln who was so nick named because he was DISHONEST! So dishonest that he destroyed our Republic!

Restoring our Republic requires throwing all 100 of you DISHONORABLE Senators out of office and neigh near starting over again.

Where shall I begin.

Oh! Thank you for your recent and lengthy letter. However, I was unable to read it on my tiny cell phone as I traveled our country claiming my family inheritance then losing it again to a sociopath. There actually might be two sociopaths. More to tell on this later.

I have no idea what you wrote about. Nor do I care. You are NOT my Senator. In fact, no one in the USA has a Senator! And there is NO Republic! Only a corporation. actually, a series of corporations all named similarly in a giant shell game. A game of FRAUD!

Let me tell you a story.

If you and I showed up in court and I say to the judge, “Well, my Constitutional rights . . .” The Judge might look down at me and say, “Oh, were you a party to the Constitution?” The judge would snidely imply that I signed the Constitution which of course would be preposterous.

So, it is today for each individual State. Why? Because none of them today has their State Government represented! Rather than our current (unlawful & dishonorable) Senators coming from their respective State legislatures subject to instant recall should they vote apposite of what their respective State Governments want, we have a permanent class of professional politicians not statesmen!

In short, the original parties to the Constitution are no longer represented and hence our Republic is destroyed!

The only cure is to roll back to the original structure our Founders gave us and that brings us to the sole remedy: A Second American Revolution or another return to Self Rule.

Things went wrong when “Honest Abe” overwrote the Original 13th Amendment with his anti-slavery amendment. Now, why did “Honest Abe” do that? Because Abraham Lincoln (Springs) wanted to hide the fact he was NOT qualified to hold that office–just like you are NOT qualified to hold that office!

As an attorney and a member of the BAR, “Honest Abe” was not allowed under the Original 13th Amendment to hold office in either of the other two branches of government because lawyers as officers of the court must abide by the “Separation of Powers.”

In 1812 the attorneys got US into a war and we wanted to never allow them to do that again. So, we passed and fully ratified that 13th Amendment. Most think that it was not passed; however, BOTH the State or Virginia and the State of New Hampshire voted to pass the Original 13th Amendment. Ten of the thirteen colonies voted for it!

We have not been able to make a final determination on Virginia because the hand written notes of that legislative session were captured by the British and those remain under lock & key in Great Britain to this day.

As far as New Hampshire, only on the last decade have we found the evidence when they were cleaning out their capital. They found an old copy of the State of New Hampshire Constitution with the Original 13th Amendment.

Murkowski, if you want to be “honorable” then lead the fight, the good fight to restore our Republic. I call your attention to this and I give you the opportunity to make American history.

1 thought on “An Open Letter to Senator Murkowski

  1. Gunnar

    Murkowski like SO MANY, when he dies, what will he will be remembered for? IF, remembered at all what he stood for and didn’t take a stand for as none of us get out of here alive for ALL those who compromised and History will reflect that! Have you ever noticed in MSM those who were big and famous names when they died they hardly gave them a blip of accolades or IF, even mentioned them of a lifetime of work because their life with inane, inept, ineffectual and irrelevant and lacking Morals and Character and Integrity. As a friend is always saying what you do for Jesus Christ will last the rest….is it well done or good riddance?

    Murkowski can examine his life and repentant if choose to do so and make it right in every area and do something great for Humanity and Humankind or NOT! Where’s the Generation of the Dragon Slayers? We can all tell who is for God (Deut. 30:19) or for Satan (John 8:44/John 10:10)!


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