This Morning Looking at my Headlines

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates build ground breaking nuclear power plant in Wyoming. Maybe they are finally going to build the safer technology rather than the toxic crap they’ve been foisting off on US since almost WWII as they have been waging a silent war on OUR population!

Dr. Judy Makovits warns that Fauci’s and Gate’s “spike protein” which is the bioweapon in The Jab may kill 50 Million Americans. Bovine Excrement! More like 200 Million Americans. We are in an unlimited war and have been since the Garden of Eden or before!

That nice fellow who teaches truck driving gave me permission to park in his lot. He said that one time a Miami police officer got offended when he spoke English to him! His English was impeccable. Sure he had a heavy accent but why get offended? English was a requirement of his profession.

His main point is that honest people don’t have a chance today. Honest people are held to higher standards and others are granted license to got around the law or break the law.

And that’s the way it is today in America! What group allows the most law breaking? I can’t tell whether it is the attorneys or the police–law enforcement. What do you think? What are your experiences?

Without the law America can not be saved. The law saves. But we’ve twisted things so badly in our nation that the law now destroys.

Even in the Bible in Romans it says that Moses law saves and without the law we would not have salvation. Rather than call them “The Ten Commandments” I prefer to call them what Esdras or Ezra called them in is writings:

“The Law of Life”

Because even king David wrote he loved God’s laws, commandments and ordinances of the LORD YHVH because they give life! By following Natural Law we are granted life, ongoing life.

Thus, I love the laws of the Lord Father Creator Yahweh because by living according to those I am given more life each day.

Read the Bible

It’s all in there. Plus read the Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical books. Those 14 books definitely belong in the Bible. There should be at least 80 books in your Bible,

For real insight read 2 Esdras (Ezra) in the NSRV and compare that to the KJV. You will learn a lot, especially the imagery of the eagle and the lion.

Who or what is that eagle?

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