Thanks to Inspiration from Michael Hubbard

I am returning to the air sooner rather than later. Look for my new YouTube channels. We’ll be covering psychology and studying the Bible together.

Currently, I am enroute to get medications and supplements for my dog and medical care for myself. I will be attending to details getting computers set up and reloading my rig for summer travels.

What Michael Hubbard of Houston Rare Coins has done is shown me the error of my ways and what is important. As a result I am scrambling to get my messages out.

Mom told me when I was a little boy to “stop trying to save the World” and having just attended to family matters and closing their house, I am about My Father’s Business, My Heavenly Father.

And you should be about His business, too. Why? Because as Yahshua Jesus the Messiah Christ said all who do His Father’s Will are his brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.

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