Casualties from The jab have surpassed those of COVID by at Least Two Fold!

We have passed the point wherein twice as many people have died from the “vaccine” than COVID itself! And what is COVID? The COVID death count includes all of the deaths from Influenza Type A and Influenza Type B.

When will the American people wake up and realize that we are in the middle of biological warfare? Never. Only when it is too late.

Already millions of Americans are suffering from the dementia like symptoms caused by Fauci’s protein spike contained therein the RNA bioweapon we mistakenly call a “vaccine.”

Who is responsible for this disaster? Certainly, the “Totalitarian Judeopathy” described by Professor Dommergue, a Jew. But also Israelite descendants across the world are responsible. How? By fully turning their backs upon Creator Father YHVH and neglecting to read their Bibles.

Even the devil’s children read the Bible and the Bible is their “play book” today! Would that Israel’s children would read their Bibles and learn who the enemy is and who they themselves (the good guys) are!

Both COVID and the “vaccine” are BIOWEAPONS. We are at the culmination of more than four decades of vaccine fraud and we are at the culmination of the fight between good and evil. The evils ones know who they are and they know who we are. We, on the other hand, fail to recognize who they are and, more importantly, we fail to recognize who we are.

As a result ALL LIFE ON EARTH and maybe even the planet itself hangs in the balance!

The Earth groans for her Saviors!

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