Twice as Many Vaccine Deaths Compared to COVID Deaths!

According to Dr. Mercola last week COVID Vaccination deaths have surpassed actual (reported) COVID deaths by two fold! In other words, “The Jab” has caused more than twice as many deaths as the CDC claimed COVID-19 caused!

Mercola doesn’t always have the best stats nor does he always get things right. Plus many of his guests are communists or communistic but the fact remains Dr. Mercola get things right far more often than wrong. Mercola is typically well ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, considering that the CDC COVID-19 deaths are inflated, severely over estimated (fraudulent), one must consider that the “vaccines” are taking ten fold the number of lives than the (fraudulent) COVID-19 claims which are mainly deaths by Influenza Type A or Influenza Type B, OR BY MANY OTHER NATURAL CAUSES!

While I have had hopes that this RNA vaccine series would be just another fraud to bilk the public of billions of dollars, the fact is that “The Jab” is a bioweapon released upon us wittingly based upon false scientific premises.

Folks, we are at war! And people in the USA will not wake up until it is too late and WE ARE DESTROYED.

2 thoughts on “Twice as Many Vaccine Deaths Compared to COVID Deaths!

  1. Gunnar

    Vaccine NOT even approved so Life Insurance from what reading will NOT pay out because vaxx was Experimental. Heard some say the other day “even per the News vaxx hasn’t been approved and not for a year or more, Covid-19 FDA information”.

    Dr. Kent, Was asking a friend how did God let it get thus far the genocide especially to the children and their response; which can you explain in lay terms: “prove to all creation that man would never raise himself up of destruction chaos and ultimately destroying the World that God gave man. It’s a witness for all in the Universe to see the end result of man in the nature of sin. That’s the best answer I can give you.”

    Feel sorry for the ones who have been heralding this was coming for years and been taken out by the “murdering thugs”. It wasn’t about a Virus, it was about an “IQ Test” and yes Revelations 11:18,

    “Folks, we are at war! And people in the USA will not wake up until it is too late and WE ARE DESTROYED.” YES and for what; STUFF which they’re going to lose anyway as no U-Haul follows your Hearse. Satanist are always at WAR with you! “America is Too Young to Die” by Leonard Ravenhill wrote about, people why would you let the CCP take away ALL your Freedom, going from FREEDOM to slavery and death? Amazing “frog in the kettle” scenario and didn’t we learn anything from History as every Generation had it’s evil people for us to slay those Dragons!

    1. admin Post author

      It appears I got my sources crossed and attributed the two-fold figure to Dr. Mercola when it came from a friend in a recent conversation. Nevertheless, Mercola says it is just over one vaccine caused death for each (over reported and inflated) COVID-19 death. I have no doubt that it will soon surpass that and The Jab will be the real killer aided and abetted by our media and the Totalitarian Judeopathy that controls the media and illegally occupies America and all of western civilization.

      Sadly, it the “good Jews” don’t step in this entire planet will be ruined!

      We are no where near “the end” and we are entering “Hell on Earth.” I guess it all has to happen.

      I am seeking a radio home and I want to broadcast again.


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