Feminist Psychology Destroyed Western Civilization

Moreover, feminism must be recognized as the strongest force on the earth. Sadly, the American woman in her ignorance and narcissism destroyed America and she tore down her own home with her own hands!

What is the cure? What is the antidote?

Well, let them have their way and I assure you the Muslims will teach them! Why should we defend these feminists and these females when they have created a totally unbalanced and unfair world. A world in which men do not have any equity.

Leave the females alone. Let the Muslims have them. I assure you that the Muslims are not going to take the same excrement we American men have been taking!

The Original Sin was not on Adam. Nor was it on Eve although it was Eve who was deceived and [Eve] became a deceiver! The Original Sin was on the fallen angels and the Big Lie from the pulpits is that Adam was to blame.

The name of that particular satanic fallen angel was Gadlean or Gadlien. From it we got the name “ghad” or “gahd” or “gawd” or “god” or “God.” This fallen angel fathered Cain and from Cain we got all of the devil’s children–literal DNA offspring!

Women have blamed Adam. Pastors, lying pastors have been blaming Adam. Even my big brothers who have read the Bible longer than I have accuse and blame Adam. Heck, Adam loved his wife so much that he elected to stick around and stay with her and accept her fate. Now, that’s not “blame.” That’s loyalty.

But what about American women today? Do we remain “loyal” to them? How can we! When American women destroy American men every chance they get.

They don’t play fair. They don’t fight fair. They are not fair yet they are regarded as the fairer gender. The American female has dominated, ruled and misled.

I will not defend them. They have become depraved and unruly. They have made their beds. Now let them sleep in it. ALONE!

3 thoughts on “Feminist Psychology Destroyed Western Civilization

  1. Gunnar

    Dr. Kent:
    Where did it go wrong like “the value of a woman”? Leonard Ravenhill which would consider one of the major Prophets sent to America by God he would call “Jezebel, the daughter of or from hell” as Jezebel is satanism period. The Three Battlegrounds by Francis Frangipane (1st edition) one of the best in examining our lives and repenting and one of the best on Spiritual Warfare. We also have our Bibles as great History Book in regards to Humanity. Every generation has had it’s prophetic voices along with all the “pillow prophets” appalled at all these so called current prophets speaking for God, which god? Dead speaking to the dead with NO substance all to be entertained, “frog in the kettle”.

    Somewhere in reading your Blog don’t know where came across you were asking something about Prophets. Derek Prince would write great books and do great video teachings on as David Wilkerson was Apostolic Father with Prophetic voice. Arthur (Art) Katz wrote it well also True/False Prophets in Prophetic Call along with Apostolic Foundation; Reality, the Hope of Glory. John Paul Jackson did the best by far teaching on tape (not his book) on “Jezebel Spirit” of 14 characteristics, along with Noel Alexander and Tim Davis “Ahab/Jezebel Husband and wife role” and here we are as a Nation.

    Don’t you think it all stems from the Home? Not to mention LOVING and valuing our Children? I’m of the belief women should not leave the Home until married under the protection and covering of the Home. If, the Home is not important! Not even in false church institutes grew up was Home important, their dead programs and dead methods were always taking you out of the Home and wasn’t learning anything concrete and been saying for years the false church institute became a tool in the hand of satan to destroy the family and they did a great job. Someone famous said “you destroy the Home and you destroy the Nation” and here we are as look at us!

    Thompson Chain reference Study Bible has great study on the Home; Foundations in the Home, Children and also in and on the Word-Bible. Have you ever seen https://www.barnhardt.biz/diabolical-narcissism/?
    The Holocaust Lessons on Compassionate Parenting and Child Corporal Punishment
    by David A. Cooperson. Personally, Leonard Ravenhill was that Elijah type and the World didn’t heed.
    Malachi 4:5-6
    5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: 6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

    https://www.lastdaysministries.com/Groups/1000087914/Last_Days_Ministries/Articles/Other_Authors/Who_Cares/Who_Cares.aspx (powerful statement of our current situation).

    1. admin Post author

      Look, you are way advanced. Far more than I am or ever will be.

      In my family my parents were considered “modern” however they lacked self awareness. As a result, I am the last of the Kent line and this branch ends with me. That is the net result of the structure of my family.

      As I age I catch myself faltering. Yet, I am fantasizing all of the time and my grandiose thoughts are saving my nation. But there is no way to do that. There is no clear way.

      I have my personal battles and I am running out of energy. All I can do and what I think I am being driven to again is reading my Bible and isolating.

      Now that we know part of the truth–that our own government is waging war against its own people–the thought of going into hiding is running strong. It’s either that or taking matters public knowing that this govenment is eager to kill.

  2. Gunnar

    p.s. JOHN TAYLOR KENT: personal to you. don’t post, hey don’t go anywhere i need you here to read (as read yr response # of times) and maybe one day meet and talk with and as reading between the lines in your memo. getting blocked out, more and more on Blogs so it’s getting discouraging (articles, EMAILS and now phone; unfortunately i’m maybe fore-running the thing coming down the pike of at one time read a lot of articles about them taking us back to the stone age of killing the grid, we will see) but maybe it’s just fast, pray, repent, worship read the Word and repeat.

    yes, getting old isn’t for sissies; personal battles can get weary. UNDERSTAND WHERE COMING FROM. i told a Lawyer that all i wanted to do at this end of life was bring people together to live in a Home and Community NOT to be in a nursing home i would offer that to you if had place, maybe shud do fundraising for that. wish we could talk, have friends who live in Yavapai county. STILL believing for the FINGER OF ALMIGHTY HOLY GOD THE FATHER, we’ll see! will put this in the body of snail mail. have you ever read transformation of the inner man by john and paula sandford, sorry tired. not doing grammar correctly. been dragon slaying for a long time and getting older and battle weary. appreciate you!

    p.s. just spent a battle weary week with an SRA victim in late 70’s telling her she can’t let her childhood issues and fear kill her wouldn’t do the MRI and they wouldn’t do surgery until she did the MRI it was such an interesting week of all that abuse and manifestations of drugs will do, getting too old for this. I told her to write the Book and tell her story to get healed up, i guess easier said than done. we’ll talk about medical response to all the behavior or lack thereof. what a week. for your eyes only. remind me to tell you all the young people (especially the males) why they aren’t having children and bringing them into this world. sobering!


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