The Value of a Woman

The value of a woman peaks at age 22. Here in part is how:

Recent studies show that women lose their ability to bond after several sex partners. They override their natural chemistry and lose the ability to bond.

It is my guess from years of experience and leaning upon the wisdom of the Bible and of the East, it appears the magic number is FIVE. After 5 sex partners a woman can no longer bond to a man.

She may want to bond but like a drug addict it is a decision she will have make and remake all throughout the rest of her life. My recommendation is that a woman sets a goal to be married by the age of 22 and to limit her number of sex partners to two or three.

If she wants to get “full value” she needs to marry early and young. Why? Because her “market value” will never be higher and her value rapidly declines during that one decade. [By age 32 it is over. She is at best half as fertile.]

Moreover, there is only one thing a woman can give a man. That is her youth. And for this a man will give everything. He will even sacrifice himself like Adam did for for Eve.

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