The Truth about COVID-19 and our own Government!

The truth is finally breaking out. We know for a fact that COVID-19 never existed, especially as a “novel” virus! We know that the real weapon is The Jab and that its primary poison or toxic substance is difficult to nail down because the pharmaceutical companies have been adjusting changing their “vaccines” as they go.

Thanks to the amazing work of Dr. David Martin we now know without any doubt that these “vaccines” were weapons developed by our Federal Government and in particular by DARPA! Our own Defense Agency Research Projects Agency!

By now we, the American people, all know that we have no control over our own government. More importantly, there is no way to fix this through politics. There is no solution at the ballot box. Ultimately, all Americans realize that there is NO RULE OF LAW in the USA and there is so justice possible.

Not through the courts and certainly not in any public discourse! We can’t even talk about this! We can not debate. We can not get any good facts. Every government agency and all professions are controlled from the top down, all centrally controlled.

So, the problem becomes one of what we can do about it. Since we can not use our law enforcement. We can not use our courts. We can not rely upon our vast military. Then what can we do?

The elite, including Trump, want to reduce US to fighting among ourselves and I mean they really want to see brutality. The elite are working together to reduce US to brutal beasts. Yet, the only way to defend our lives is to be brutal.

Brutally honest with one another.

I suggest boycotting and fasting on a scale that brings down this rotten establishment. More importantly, we need to attack the Totalitarian Judeopathy and this requires all Americans lean upon the “good” Jews to clean up their own ranks.

I doubt that is going to work unless the good Jews join US against the bad Jews and lead US in fulfilling the prophecy of Obadiah. It is the shortest book in the Old Testament and it says clearly that YHVH Father God is going to “kindle” us [enrage us] to the point that we sons of Jacob burn out the “Edomites” in a true holocaust.

I assert that Edom pulled a hoax, a Holohaux, intentionally to psychologically paralyze us in order that we might not fulfill the word of YHVH in The Book of Obadiah.

Indeed, Edom has remained hidden among the Good Jews since approximately 143 BC when John Hycannus conquered the Middle East and ordered the Edomites at Mt. Seir to become circumcised and worship the one true God as the Israelites did or be killed. As a direct result the tares intermingled with the wheat.

By the time Yahshua Jesus was born the Edomites had so thoroughly integrated themselves and taken over that Herod the Great became governor of Israel. Herod was an “Idumean” which is the Greek term for an “Edomite.”

So, brace yourselves. Edom now rules the world and has embedded itself in almost all governments around the world. Edom is in the mountains and it is time those mountains fell. Mountains are governments.

If you want to know who Edom is in the world today, download and read freely the book I have uploaded among the tabs at the beginning of this blog page entitled “Who is Esau-Edom” by the late Charles Wiseman.

If you want to know the history and origins of Edom then read the Bible. The Canaanites were descended from Cain. Cain was not Adam’s son but he was Eve’s son by a fallen angel named Gadreel as near as I am able to discern.

Gadreel was present with Eve when YHVH addressed Eve and Eve answered YHVH. However, Gadreel was wise and remained silent in Genesis 3:15. Please see my earlier post about the Original Sin earlier to discover who is to blame.

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