Grid Down Next?

My big concern and this is the concern of a lot of folks is the electrical grid going down permanently. We’ve got folks who are going deeply into the archeological record and into real science. Then we have warnings about an international rehearsal drill on the same thing. Plus, we have the sun coming out of a recent cycle and throwing of huge Corona Mass Ejections–CME’s–just two days ago that would have destroyed the surface of the Earth except those were on the side of the sun opposite Earth.

The ancient historical records supports these extinction events and the processional clock, which mirrors an “Iron Cross” also predicts that we are on the time line for a magnetic field excursion.

The worst part is the practice “drill.” Why? Because those rehearsal drills have a habit of going “live!”

Such was the case in Dallas when the CIA knocked off JFK, in New York City when the Twin Towers were in a controlled demolition, and in the onset of the COVID-19 “plandemic” when the rehearsal drill entitled “Event 201” launched the real hoax! And the excuse for the deployment of their biological weapons including “The Jab.”

When are the people going to wake up and realize that these “drills” should be banned because they provide cover for the real thing and help obfuscate the facts and their discovery?

If these jackals who are the front men for the real powers hidden behind the scenes are allowed to “rehearse” a grid down scenario. If they are permitted to “drill” the end of electricity, it may well happen!

Notice that it is not the political class of jackass that is conducting these phony “drills” but the bureaucracy. Not only do the people have no control over this government, the politicians do not have control over this government as well.

Moreover, those with the control are those institutions and departments that are the most unconstitutional! We don’t have to reinvent the wheel; we don’t have to develop a new form of government.

We merely have to return to the original structure our Founders gave US! We only have to cut large agencies and institutions that were added since the Original 13th Amendment was fully ratified.

By doing so we preserve the Separation of Powers and, moreover, we put the attorneys in their place! That’s right. By fully enforcing the amendment and declaring the rest void and out of order, we structurally return to a sound Constitutional government.

Nothing less will suffice.

When the attorneys complain, and they will, we simply tell the BAR attorneys what they have been dictating to the rest of US for more than two centuries:

Ignorance of the law is no defense.

And we hold them fully accountable.

Most of you reading this will not understand the full implications of this strategic intervention. Nevertheless, it is the only way to restore the Republic.

Let me repeat:

This is the only way to restore the Republic.

There are a lot of technical difficulties to work through and there is a tremendous amount of work to be done. But, first, let’s straight jacket this bloated illegal unconstitutional federal COMMUNIST government and bury all of the CORPORATIONS.

Let’s make it a crime to hold a “drill.” Any “drill.” And stop them from getting away with murder!

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