Arizona Attorney Neal G. Horenstein, Esq. & Priority Medical–Insurance Fraud?

I put a question mark in the title as I believe the two may be committing insurance fraud. I don’t know. I don’t know the legal definition of insurance fraud. Nevertheless, the insurance companies go right along with this because the money is coming out of you, the consumer.

Don’t go the Priority Medical. Don’t engage Attorney Neal Horenstein. That is the best advice I can give you.

Now, why don’t I go to the Arizona Bar Association and why don’t I report to law enforcement in the State of Arizona? Because I already went to the Bar Association in Arizona and their investigator did nothing. She did not do her job. And law enforcement is useless because they do not want to do their job as well.

I will be telling my story here and at this time I have too many irons in the fire. Let it suffice to say Neal G. Horenstein, Esq. again threatened me today as he did when he threatened to call the FBI and file a false report about me with the FBI–that is why I complained to the Bar Association but Mrs. Moses told me that she never even asked him about it! That is negligent and failure to do her duty.

Don’t bother with the State Bar of Arizona. Like all Bar Associations they don’t care about us. All that matters to them is their power and ability to predate upon us, the lay people. Truly, as Abraham Lincoln said ‘the professions are turned against the laity.’

“His people,” as Neal Horenstein refers to Priority Medical charged me twice the going rate for their services. By the way the way, they do no physical therapy at Priority Medical; nevertheless, they discharged me with two pages chocked full of physical therapy exercises none of which they ever did with me.

I left Priority Medical because of the obvious fraud and I was seriously injured. I was not getting any better–regardless of what their bogus records might say!

I hope Neal Horenstein enjoyed the “kick back” he got from Priority Medical that he told me about. Since they billed me approximately $5,000 which was twice what the GEICO insurance agent told me was customary for those palliative services, I figure Neal Horenstein must have gotten as much as $2,500 in kick back money from Priority Medical.

I would take action to pursue this but the system is totally broken and everyone is corrupt. There is no more rule of law in the USA. We all know that but we don’t know the extent to which this impacts all of our lives.

Between the two of them they deprived me of approximately $2,500 of settlement moneys I should have had. Plus Neal Horenstein forced me to pay him $2,500 in his fees even though he spoiled BOTH my claim and my medical care.

I asked him for it back today. That is when he threatened me again. This time he tried to intimidate me with a mental evaluation. He was going to fire me at the same time I discharged him. So, why demand fees you’ve neither earned nor deserve?

Horenstein lacks ethics, integrity and character. I am unable to recommend.

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