Waylaid in Texas during the COVID-19 World War

I have been stuck in this terrible situation for five months in which one of the three big coin dealers in Houston, Texas was able to steal my coins upon false premises, namely that “his insurance” covered my coins during shipment provided I sent them using FedEx. He has employed his second attorney in his THEFT of my family inheritance. This is why you have not heard from me.

I have been very depressed over the matter. Texas laws really suck. The laws are designed to protect their predator class. It’s as if Texas doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong!

This is my third trip to Houston in attempt to recover my property. It has cost me dearly. In unnecessary rent and gas and traveling expenses. Not to mention attorney fees or my mental health & well being! And it robbed me also of my summer and enjoyment.

For the past month I have been dealing with diarrhea due to nerves because of this jackass dragging this out. If he drags it out much longer he might get his just rewards!

In May this jackass and his first attorney tried to exploit me for $4,000. In September this bastard and his second group of attorneys of questionable ethics sent a demand letter trying to get $10,000 out of me!

You’ve not heard from me because there are more important matters.

We are in the biggest PsyOp of all time!

The elite are trying to genocide us.

The Rockefeller’s & the Rothschild’s and their ilk were planning to kill 95% of the total world population. Because of the Presidency of Donald J. Trump their big plans which have been in the works for several decades (actually close to 6,450 years!) have been thwarted! Nevertheless, if this proceeds the elite are on schedule to kill approximately 17-18% of all of us if we don’t wake up and throw their yoke off. That is approximately 1.24 Billion people mostly from their “vaccines!”

The single most important tip I can give you is to keep your Vitamin D levels up because that will suppress any protein spike generation, be it caused by a corona virus cold or flu or by their “clot shot,” their poisonous injections.

There is a lot more that needs to surface regarding the euthanasia that occurred in England and New York. No one died of COVID-19! They were all killed using midazolam (versed). Those elderly were murdered! Their bodies were cremated in order to cover up the murders. They burned the evidence!

If you have taken their “vaccinations” do not accept their “booster” shots! Get & set aside ivermectin and everything else you can get in order to avoid hospitalization.

We can not trust our medical system–it is obviously fully compromised!

So, until this liar & thief yields me back my personal property or law enforcement steps in, I ask for your prayers. For your information, this miscreant had his attorney write a letter declaring I am racist and antisemitic! He lied claiming I became “hostile” on the phone while I was in Alaska and, moreover, I called him the “N-word.” Hell, I didn’t even know he was Black until I read his attorney’s letter!

His new attorney’s letter was full of lies and they continue to lie! It was this errant coin dealer who became hostile towards me when I refused to sell him my coins for a pittance, especially after he claimed ‘all the gold and platinum were gone.’

At first he accused my siblings of stealing the gold and platinum from me. Upon my rebuttal he changed his tune to ‘it looks like someone at FedEx has gone through all of the coins.’ There is a lot more to this matter.

[He tried to get them for only $20,000 dollars when my Dad paid $220,000 for them over the course of his lifetime of 91 years!]

When this is over, and I am referring to both my stolen family inheritance AND this attempted world wide genocide, I will be going after the attorneys! All of them. At least in America.

If you’ve been following me, particularly on FacistBook, you are familiar with my strategic intervention to restore our Republic called Restoring the Original 13th Amendment which was fully ratified & implemented then violated by Congress in early March of 1813. Later “Honest” Abe overwrote the Original 13th Amendment with his anti-slavery amendment because it made him ineligible to be President!

My ancestor will be proud of me because we will be giving life to his famous words:

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Now, we don’t literally kill all of the attorneys. And the irony of all of this is my ancestor whose last name should have been “Kent” since he was fathered by a Kent was himself a lawyer! In fact, he was the Queen’s attorney! And he was one of the master planners of this New World Order!

I really did not intend to reveal this at this time. It is so early. Nevertheless, my mission in life is clear:


I will do this primarily with the newest version of the Bible and my forthcoming YouTube Channels. Stay tuned for “Giving Psychology Away” and “Awakening Israel.”

I am a Semite. How can I be against myself? It’s shameful that this bastard plays “the race card.” It’s a shame that my religion comes into question in this matter. Nevertheless, if called upon to testify in court I will proudly state my belief system and for the record.

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