The Passing of an American Hero Rudy Dent

Rudy Dent

The Passing of Rudy Dent really saddens me. Rudy and I were in contact over the years and had great respect for one another. Rudy was open minded. He and I communicated about the Israelites and even though our perspectives were practically apposite, we respected each other and we knew that someday we would understand the Israelites.

I was really hoping to continue our discussion about the Black Hebrew Israelites and we each were open minded in our discovery of the truth. Even though Rudy is gone (and I do not know the circumstances of his death yet) I will continue our query and I will support Rudy’s perspective. It merits further discovery even if it alienates me from some.

Not having heard from Rudy I assume he was ill for some time. It would not surprise me if Rudy’s death was as a direct result of 9-11. Should that be the case I will espouse for Rudy Dent and his survivors. We will strike back with full justice against those who did 9-11 and those who assassinated President Kennedy. That day is coming soon. Sooner than we think.

I look forward to being there and reminding people of the courage and sacrifice of NYC Fireman Rudy Dent. His life contrasted so much with the likes of those traitors among us who perpetrated the euthanasia of the elderly in the nursing homes of New York and who perpetrate the COVID-19 WORLD WAR.

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