Five Years from Now You are Going to Wish you had Started Shooting all Senators and Congressmen NOW!

Five (5) years from you are going to wish you would have started shooting and killing all of our Senators and Congressmen and women now. Today. Why? Because you have that opportunity today but within five years the country will be in such terrible shape that you will wish for these days and the opportunities, all be those few, you have to take action to stop the mercenary looting of America.

There is so much being withheld from the people that heads will be swimming for years trying to keep up with all the lies and sort out the deceptions. But the problem (and the cure) does not lay with our legislators–it lays with the people, the common man.

By refusing to seek the truth and embrace the truth, we deceive ourselves and make ourselves more vulnerable to their lies. So, when we finally have had enough suffering, and that will come when food and water are scarce, then we might ask what have we missed? How did we let this get away from us?

It’s really very simple. We took the easy way out. We believed our leaders rather than relying upon data and facts. Instead of investigating crimes, we let “our keepers” dictate falsehoods to us and we swallowed those wholesale.

Until we are a people who love the truth and seek truth, there is no hope for us. Some time in 1994 the people of the USA changed and rather than say ‘Tell us the truth. We don’t care what it is. We will deal with it. We can handle it.’ Sometime during the Clinton Administration we became the “people of the lie.”

We changed and demanded that the news only tell us “smooth things,” things we wanted to hear. We no longer wanted to hear terrible news.

At the same time, our government expanded courtesy of the Clintons to larger than the industries it was (over) regulating. When there are more people in the federal government regulating an industry, in this case banking, than there are employed in that industry, the federal government is too big.

The federal government is so big, it has become unmanageable. The reason our Congress and Senate can not pass a budget is because the budget can not be managed. It is too large and expanding too fast to get a handle on it. Certainly, we’d be better to cut and slash huge parts of this unduly federal government that harbors socialists and communists and those who want to destroy our nation.

So, you will barely remember my words as you struggle to find food and water. And you can forget about ammunition and any semblance of justice because there will be none.

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  1. Jerry4Truth

    13-08-19 I don’t know when or by whom this was written, but it is I feel quite accurate, though I am inclined to question whether we have five years left before TSHTF.
    Though that is possibly about the time from now that the man-of-perdition will appear, with the solution to stop all the above predicted killing and suffering around the world.
    There are two kinds of wisdom and discernment, one is based on feelings and the various sciences with varying amounts of reason added in, while the other Wisdom and Discernment is based on Reason and Enlightenment given via the Holy Spirit of God. Unfortunately even the Holiest among us have their God given Wisdom and Discernment, tainted to varying degrees with worldly wisdom and discernment.
    The Western Nations for most of the last two millennium have been guided for the most part by Wisdom and Discernment. However for the last century and a half (or there about), the peoples and as a result their nations, have shifted towards the worldly wisdom and discernment. The pace of this conversion has increased to almost a fever pitch in recent years. The above mentioned date of 1994 may be at or about the break-over point, or may be at just a critical stage in the conversion.
    But then I may be just a real nut job! Jerry4Truth
    P.S. the books of the New Testament were written to people who were still taught and thought along the story-teller approach of the Old Testament.
    The mark on the forehead or on the hand refers to WHAT YOU THINK and WHAT YOU DO, not a chip or tattoo or what ever (that is not to say that those things won’t happen). The 666 references Lucifer and his thinking he knew better than God (333 – Father, Messiah and Holy Spirit – equal though separate).
    666 is Old Testament way of saying, Lucifer thinks he knows twice as much, is twice as good as, etc.
    What is the Mark of God, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, CHARITY and TRUTH!
    Who’s mark do you exhibit in your thoughts and actions.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Jerry,

      I should have seen this sooner and responded sooner but for some reason I never got notice of your salient comment.

      The dates on all of my posts are given. However, the 1994 date was not my own. Rather, I got it from G. Edward Griffin, perhaps when I interviewed him or it could have been written in one of the later editions of his book “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

      According to Mr. Griffin, the year 1994 during the Clinton Administration was the date when the cross over occurred. During 1994 for the first time in the history of the US, the number of government employees regulating banking exceeded the number of private employees working in banking. Hence, the government was larger than the governed. Talk about leeches!

      That was about the same time we as a people stopped asking for the truth. Clinton approved gays in the military with his “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. And Americans went deeper into the mode of totally trusting our government institutions rather than taking the effort to discern the truth for themselves. Hence, we became the “people of the lie” circa 1994.

      We have maybe months before the economy collapses and we might have approximately 23 years before the asteroid hits–somewhere between Siberia and Africa. At that time, the survivors are going to have a real tough time. We’ll be in the dark for a long time. I figure there may be no photosynthesis for one to two years! It is going to be cold enough to launch glaciers and cause diseases on a massive scale and there will be even greater famine. This asteroid was something I learned recently from an old video interview of the head of physics at Area 51.

      However, there was a much more important tipping point passed recently and when the Amnesty Immigration Bill passes, it is definitely over. That is when the Israelite Caucasians mix with the races against the will of the God of Israel and there will be no return to greatness for America. We will have followed in the foot steps of ancient Egypt and many other nations who race mixed (miscegenation) against the will and commands of the God of Israel.

      The principles established in Genesis of kind after kind and staying “separate” and “holy” in Erza and Nehemiah and throughout the Bible are being violated at an alarming rate! Clearly, we are in what is referred to in the Old Testament to as “the time of Jacob’s trouble.”

      I disagree with your postscript mischaracterizing the Old Testament as merely the story-teller approach. The division between Old and New Testaments is a false division created by Satan to assist in his offering “another Jesus,” the one the lame mainstream churches are deluding the masses with! (2 Thess 2:11, 1 Tim 4:1 and other verses)

      It is all one book. It is all Holy. It gives you everything you need and just enough to get you saved–provided you are a party of the covenant–provided you are of Israelite descent. Only the Caucasian descendants of Adam fell and the races that were here before Adam had nothing to do with the fall! Moreover, they are not the enemy but the enemy is throwing them at us.

      Look at my page entitled “Israelite Migrations.” Download both PDF files. One look at the big map tells the story.


      Dr. Kent

  2. Norman Risner

    The national debt, which is approaching 17 trillion dollars, is increasing at an alarming rate under the Obama administration. The only way our government is able to maintain this debt is because interest rates have been extremely low for the past few years and our government has been able to make the interest payments on the national debt. Interest rates are starting to rise and at some point the US government will no longer be able to make interest payments on the national debt which means a possible government default on it’s debt. When, not if, this happens our economy will take a dive and it will make all past recessions look like a walk in the park.

    1. admin Post author


      After the collapse, our Senators and Congressmen are planning to take up residency underground in bunkers to hide and protect themselves from the rest of us left on the surface to fend for ourselves. As I read the Bible, I am convinced that God is going to destroy them in their underground bunkers as drowning rats.

      Their mismanagement of our fiscal resources and our property are going to earn them each targets and our people will clamoring to kill them. However, they will deserve it. They have earned it. They have already squandered our wealth and given it away to the international banksters and corporations and the Rothchilds and those who hate US and want to destroy US.

      You are right. The coming dive is going to make the Mad Max series of movies look like Disneyland in its golden years. The survivors are really going to be struggling.

      This administration is the last (and final) in a long series waging unconventional war against America and God’s chosen people, His “hidden ones,” The Israelites and NOT the “false Jews” (Rev 2:9, 3:9)

      However, there is a future event about 23 years out in which a third of what we call humans today are going to perish. That is an asteroid strike our leaders and central government have known about for years. IMHO, our economy is going fail long before that event and we may have only months of relative peace and ease left.


      Dr. Kent


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