Restoring America

America will not be restored through psychology or any other way except by

Truth and Justice and the American Way.

That only comes from Bible readers who follow the Bible and the command to

Love truth and justice.

As expressed and repeated clearly in the NIV. That’s the Bible for you idiots out there who choose to remain illiterate!

1 thought on “Restoring America

  1. Gunnar

    Please, someone prove me wrong! Extremely and VERY sad and agree with my friends, “IT’S WAY TOO LATE FOR AMERICA” and has been for a very long time. Just going to watch America self- destruct and implode from the inside out, with “The Fifth Column”; as we are so run by satanic dogs. One friend saying over 60 years, “satanist and pedophiles rule the world”; along with “murdering thugs”; not wrong, no arrest! The wearing of CCP (communist chinese party) and satanic diaper of a mask, is “sheeple” bowing to all this insanity and i guess they don’t care about THEIR FREEDOM at ALL OR their lives with Auschwitz injections to themselves and the Children that is true insanity in itself as “Genocide in full swing; and no arrest”.
    To go from FREEDOM to “Cognitive Dissonance, Subversion and Subterfuge” and tremendous FEAR of bowing to all this insanity, brainwashing and dumbing down of the masses as “people are so lost and they won’t wake up, because they don’t want to wake up; they lost their damned minds already”. Fall of the Roman Empire, Roman Coliseum is here entertain them with “electric toilet and plug in drug” as “frog in kettle” is here and has been way too long. “The world is predicated on lies” just looked at rigged Elections and nothing done and no arrest. Roe vs. Wade, come on people; was going to be Genocide at any age and here we are! These evil Third Reich Nazi’s-Brown Shirts are here; Injections-Auschwitz; NWO, Elitist, Zion Globalist, Cabal, Jesuits out of Catholic Church “which is the greatest lie ever forged”-L. Ravenhill; wish could remember the year he said we were already dead! The Puppet Masters are taking lives as “Joe the Volcano, Truman Show, Taking Lives, Devil’s Advocate”, films. NO consequences too so many satanic groups set in play like BLM, Antifa; dropping off Bricks to cause mayhem, chaos, death and destruction. OUR “MAD MAX” SOCIETY IS HERE and has been, no consequences for the satanist wanting to kill you. Mandatory vaccines that gives you a number (MKUltra, Project Paper Clip; one meeting was 2005 at 9:12 a.m. u-tube) setting up Fema Camps no different than Third Reich Nazism Concentration Camps, and “contact tracing”, seizing homes/property, blocking people out of Bank Accounts; “medical kidnapping”. While the elite who planned all this see you as “useless eaters, useless workers, slaves and “useless idiots that they’re playing, manipulating all the people and the World. This is nothing drop in the Bucket; here we are! CCP; Third Reich Nazi’s took America and the World over without firing a shot, where your mask, take our ID Covid Shot, shut up and roll over and play dead. As we are repeating History less than a 100 years from the last mass people-humanity genocide; NO arrest, people still bowing to the INSANITY of King Nebuchadnezzar bow or burn.

    You’re very wise, Psychology was NEVER going to do it. TRUTH AND JUSTICE and the good ol’/old American Way! Also, making it right in EVERY AREA as when God shows us our stinking wretched sin and our sorry carcass of a chiefest amongst sinners life which; believe you me top of the list. As, also REPENTING, repenting, repenting, fasting, PRAYING and READING OUR BIBLES AND APPLYING as BIBLE NOT a Story Book; not at all as just look at the destruction of so many Nations and people God killed King Saul, King Nebuchadnezzar, King Herod. To be put to death by God, scary, WHEW! Young man told me he didn’t see God rescuing people back in Hitler’s era and doesn’t see God doing anything rescuing people to date as he said “welcome to mass extermination” as “cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug”; YES it is! Any answers to why Agenda 21/2030 here 10 years early?
    The elite thinks we are idiots and are we proving them right? # of people “willful ignorance will get you killed programmed by controlled media propaganda machine”, we are here for the Lawyers file “Nuremberg Code” and the many Truth Speakers. Can’t believe the stupid people who still don’t know what’s going on, no clue Georgian Guidestones, Khazarian Mafia-Ed Morgan article. No arrest!

    HOPE someone gets MAD AS HELL for this and does something like “GET YOUR WAR ON” and BEYOND, “get your war on”. Do NOT see it boding well for the USA Nation NOT AT ALL; VERY SORRY TO SAY and going to prove ALL those Prophetic Voices right like “Slouching into Gomorrah”-Bork and Prophetic George Carlin rendition of America going into the toilet sewer bowl (we’re way past); The Planned Destruction of America-Wardner; Behold a Pale Horse-Cooper; Brotherhood of Darkness-Monteith; Battle Hymn-Scura/Dane Phillips; “AMERICA IS TOO YOUNG TO DIE-along with his 20 year pre-sequel and Sodom Had No Bible”Leonard Ravenhill. Thank God for MEN/Women/Patriots who speak the TRUTH and those who defended our Country and World. Lawyer said “get pro-active”! No arrest to the evil doers, satanist! TRUTH AND JUSTICE!


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