Tired of This Police Surveillance State?

For one I believe it is responsible for my inability to maintain an internet connection while I am working on line on sensitive government material. We need to get rid of the entire apparatchick apparatus.

Yes, the United States is communist. We’ve been communist for a long time. Perhaps even back to the time of Lincoln and Marx. Way back to our Civil War which was caused by the Black Nobility and the powers that own, run and operate the world.

Our State Department, the Deep State, has assured that all countries we’ve been involved in. Well, almost all have become communist in form and function. Here in America we are only communist in function but not form. Not yet.

We, the USA, has become the Beast System foretold in the Bible. Everything and everyone is suspect.

We need to come out of this soon or we will lose more people. It is important that we restore the original form of government our founders gave us but here is the problem. We can not vote ourselves out of communism.

Moreover, the elite behind the curtain want US divided and want to rile us into another Civil War. They have their FBI and their CIA on all sides, fomenting chaos and violence.

The government is too big. How can one tell the government is too big? When 12 out of the 16 “conspirators” to kidnap the Michigan Governor are FBI agents, your government has become far, far too big.

Let’s cut it down in size. The first thing we ought to go after is eliminating all public funding for “public education” which is nothing more than communist indoctrination and keeps us enslaved.

There is no “right” to an education. Certainly, there is no “right” to a “free” education. We need to cut all funding by the government for schools, be they elementary or high school or college! We must cease taxes upon property and give those citizens relief from unfair tax burdens to educate others’ children.

Unfortunately, we have made education into a “sacred cow.” We must nor gore the sacred cow. We are not allowed tom challenge it. We aren’t allowed to question it but we must save our children from those day time persons we (wrongly) call “schools” and begin educating them at home once again.

Home schooling produces better citizens. Home schooling is a superior education and with better outcomes. It’s time to pull the plug on all “public” education. Cease taxing people to pay for an inferior product. Fire them all. They have failed us and our children.

Then we can go after the TSA and Homeland Security. We ought to fire them all and we can dissemble them one at a time in the order they were created. Above all, we must dissolve the FBI and the CIA. They are not “our” FBI or “our” CIA. They wholly owned and beholding to those who hate us, those who hater America and Americans.

1 thought on “Tired of This Police Surveillance State?

  1. Gunnar

    Do you think when they dig through the rubble of History that they will find demise of America is Homosexuality what little know, hatred of self and family; Cannibalism, Vampire-ism, Necrophilia, being entertained like fall of Roman Empire? Satanism period!
    2 Kings 6:16 and Bible


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