Duty to Candor

Both of Michael Hubbard’s have violated their duty to candor. As a matter of fact I think each knowingly lied. Melanie Bragg said they could prove I was going to sell my coins to Michael Hubbard. Really? Then why did Michael Hubbard have me ship them at my own expense?

Mrs. Bragg also claimed in an email in June that Michael Hubbard had not opened the other boxes and bags, but only the one with the hole in it. Really? Then what was the big plastic bucket doing in the first photos from the storage room? Why did Michael Hubbard date his “inventory” in May?

Michael Hubbard’s second attorney claimed they would never return my coins to me unless I signed a release. OK? So, you are going to hold my property hostage until I sign my rights away? So many pounds of coins are missing that this certainly qualifies as theft or as they call it in Texas “malicious conversion.”

Attorneys have a Duty to Candor.

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