Public Education Must Cease

There is no right to an education. Why are we forced to fund something that has been destroying our nation? Something that continues to attack and destroy our nation?

In short, we have created a “Golden Calf” and we worship “education.” While education can be freeing, it is even more enslaving. Education is the tool of our enslavement. No one is going to provide you are education that helps you break free from their rule over you!

Rather than fight this out in the schools, we need to cease all support and allow parents to take the responsibility for their children. No longer should we force this burden on others. It’s not fair and we are never going to agree on what a good education is. Therefore, let’s cease property taxation to fund this monster we have created.

Let parents pull together and determine how they want their children educated and if they do not want their children educated, so be it. Imagine if we no longer had “school zones” to worry about. There was a time when there were schools with no school traffic zones and we all did fine.

It’s time. Way past time. To put this monster to rest. It’s time to allow people to keep their hard earned money and avoid the wasteful beast we’ve created.

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