Yes, I have Five Formal Degrees and This is how I Feel about “Education”

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The years in public education were tantamount to being in prison. We had the best education system in the world prior to WWI and unfortunately we adopted the worst model based upon the worst philosophy possible.

Rather than mainstream students in one large room where students of different ages and levels could help each other, we mainstreamed into cohorts. Rather than giving tests of mastery and advancing a student when ready, we held them back and made them wait for their cohorts to catch up–if they could.

You did not graduate high school. You were graduated. Your teachers graduated you; you did not graduate yourself.

If you were ready for college at age 14 which was the norm before WWI, you took the entrance exam which was extremely robust and you were admitted. An example of such an exam was to translate the Bible from English in Hebrew then translate the same passage into Greek!

Thus, the truly intelligent and gifted would rise to the top and those who were of average intelligence found other ways to earn a living. Often, well before finishing the sixth grade.

We need to ditch this communistic cohort system that dumbs down our children and holds them back. We need to go back to the little red school house model in which students helped each other and they flourished. None of this brick in the wall, slavery model from our current miserable demise.

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