Joe Biden hates White People

As nonsensical as it appears on face value our President by Fraud hates White people! How can Joe Biden hate White people when he himself is White?

It’s very simple. Joe was hired to genocide America but not just Whites. He’s been place in office by the devil’s children in order to genocide ALL of America!

This may appear insane until one realizes what the Biden family has been engaged in from their island with a submarine base next to Jeffrey Eppstein’s Pedo Island with its helicopter pad. Gee, who was licensed to operate submarines and helicopters? Giselle Maxwell whose father was also CIA or was it MI6? It’s hard to keep all of this straight.

Joe hates America and he is acting as fast as he can to destroy America. People need to wake up and hem Joe in before he really hurts our nation.

It’s time to hunker down and read you Bibles and clean your guns. Stand your ground. Do not be deceived.

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