Prostitution the New Normal?

The tremendous influx of young women into soft prostitution (sugar dating) and women of all ages posting profiles seeking sugar daddies is disturbing. Is the figure of more than 30% accurate? Where does it come from?

As our culture and society deteriorate this is becoming the new norm. The estimate of 1,000,000 prostitutes appears low as the lines get blurred between dating, sugar dating, prostitution and modern marriage. The estimate of 6,000,000 sugar babies offering themselves up for sex for money seems low, very low. Yet, combined these don’t come close to 30%.

I think the fellows on the MGTOW fronts, the experts and Dr. Savage are onto something. There is a lot more prostitution going on than anyone realizes! As a matter of fact when one looks at marriage and how unfair the laws and family courts are to men, and the attitude of women about the purpose of marriage (To take everything a man has.), the current status quo is worse than mere prostitution!

Men are enslaved to their wives and their children! Men are ruled by women and children and that is what the Bible says twice in Isaiah.

Our masters have effectively made men, especially “White” men the slaves. Should we fail to provide for any reason we are divorced. Should we succeed and generate tremendous wealth we are divorced. Should a husband fail to meet the demands of his wife and fail to give his wife what she wants, she will leave him. In many ways our laws and the practices of the family courts are unfair to men.

So, men are leaving the game. Women who are age 32 and over think they are going to do better but since men cannot trust them and with many having had hundreds and even thousands of sex partners, men have lost interest.

Who wants a woman who has damaged another man through our courts? Who wants a woman who has had a handful or more sex partners? Who wants to raise another man’s child? And become cuckhold? Who wants to engage in a contract in which the State is involved? Who wants to assume the risk in a contract in which one party is richly rewarded for breeching that contract?

It’s not fair and women are only starting to feel the fall out. Men have been dealing with this for decades! We have entered a vicious cycle in which there is no exit except one and that is so disturbing that I dare not mention it.

If we double the sum of estimates for prostitutes and for soft prostitute sugar babies, we are approaching that 30% figure. The problem is how long is this sustainable? And the effects on maintaining our nation?

Since women received the vote, things have only gotten worse. Women want “feel good” laws. Women have empowered this central government to the point most Americans realize our government is THE problem. But how do we throttle it back? How do we restore support for families? How do we restore fairness?

I think things are going to break before change will occur. Families are broken. Men are broken. Women are broken. Children are broken.

Prostitution is not called “the oldest profession in the world” for no reason. But I wish people would realize how much more elevated having intact and healthy families is to maintaining our nation and that having the nuclear family requires a higher level of civilization.

Indeed, I fear we are losing our civility. When things get bad and the violence grips certain areas we are all going to be astounded!

Who is going to bother defending women when they’ve destroyed this nation? They’ve destroyed their own homes. Women have torn down their own houses with their own hands.

4 thoughts on “Prostitution the New Normal?

  1. Gunnar

    “YOU DESTROY THE HOME, YOU DESTROY THE NATION”! It’s Definitely the Malachi 4:5-6 call which is vertical and horizontal in Nature.
    Kamarie Holland’s Mother, Kristy Siple, Accused of Selling 5-Year …
    7 hours ago … A mother charged in the death of her 5-year-old-daughter has now been accused of allowing someone to have sex with the girl for money, court documents show.”

    OVER 25-30 years ago brought up this subject to a wise friend at what seeing with and dealing with and she referenced the decline of Germany due to such, can’t quote exactly what said and on Holiday vacation with Family. Have NOT read the following.

    Whole Plethora to blame, you blame Women, can’t disagree also i blame the false church institute which is like War “ABSOLUTELY GOOD FOR NOTHING” and kept taking you out of the Home, as the HOME wasn’t important to lying sack of evil garbage we thought was the church, when PEOPLE were the church NOT the false building or lying false shepherd/teacher pastor. More later..

    1. admin Post author


      As always excellent comment and observations. I just wish I could keep up with you!

      I regard all religion as controlled by the devils. Pastor Wickey claimed that all of the churches are headed by a fallen angel. Think about that. I believe it is a very simple and insightful statement. All of the religions are headed up by fallen angels.

      In the case of the Mormon Church they know the name of their fallen angel. He is Moroni.

      I think each organized religion or denomination of Christian flavor is headed by a fallen angel and controlled from the top down. They are all centrally controlled.

      Now, where that control is I am not sure. Switzerland, Rome, London? Certainly not Washington DC.

      What or where do you think? I’ll bet you come up with it!

  2. Gunnar

    Regarding Prostitution/Hooking:
    YEARS AGO like over 45, there was this Movie probably based on a True Story; was about 3 Suburban Housewives and they were hooking and can’t recall premise of why? When they got found out, it was horrific of how it effected their Marriages; their Lives and the Community=SOBERING FOR THE TIME! It’s like the Book, “Stripper Diaries”; why would you go from being a Bartender to stripping and of course it was because of the Money. When Demi Moore did “Striptease”, which didn’t see, was reaming the Church World for lack of their role in helping and serving people and single parents and building strong families. Since, prostitution is the oldest profession in the World, OBVIOUSLY since the false church institute and pastors are absolutely good for NOTHING, as they NEVER solved that problem or the Homeless, or the Poor or ALL the ills that plague humanity. No one can live in the so called church building or eat it as it stays empty all week and whatever Molech or Baal denomination we sacrificed ourselves and family on. “To whom much was given, much was required”!

    Wouldn’t it be great, absolutely wonderful if ALL churches had to give back the Money and the Land to build Housing for Fatherless, Widow, Orphan, Poor, Homeless and families; like in George Bailey of it’s “A Wonderful Life”; since the false church and religion is Big Business and God doesn’t get any money. Especially, since they’ve been more of a “satanic abyss of filth and lies”; never built anything but Real Estate Portfolio/Empire’s and Bank Accounts to self and in heinous sin to boot. We have YEARS of true examples in News of Humanity vs. false church institute which NEVER stood for anything especially when you look at the death thralls of Roe vs. Wade. When you think about AMERICA being # 1 for Child Prostitution/Slavery and Trafficking; there you go, “Black Widow Nation”. When you think of ALL the Authors, people in general; trying to sound the alarm.

    Especially in light of Era, Technology and all that we have and can do and A.I is way too big for it’s britches; as we are definitely destructing from within-“5th Column”! Irony, of live in Houses can’t live in and the curse of no time and still being under the Egyptian Task Master. When you look at Leonard Ravenhill’s Body of Work, Why Revival Tarries, America is Too Young to Die and Sodom Had No Bible; we didn’t heed or The Bible, Deut. 27 and 28; Ten Commandments, Sermon the Mount, Beatitudes. “God is slamming his fist at us”! With what you know, can you say with our current condition that God would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah? From what read and seen, yes, we’re way past Sodom and Gomorrah. IF, you took ALL the wealth and Blessed, Provided, Build, Preferred, Giving out, Serving one another, brought out the best in people. GOD HAVE GREAT MERCY ON THIS NATION!

    1. admin Post author


      I am not sure about YHVH apologizing to Sodom and Gomorrah, but the prophets are clear that this land will suffer the same fate. And we fully deserve being nuked if we can’t get back our government and enforce the law!


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