Why Men and Women Cannot be Friends

Sadly, after being friends with many women over my lifetime, I have come to the conclusion that men and women can’t be friends. Certainly, I can think of some aspects, primarily of myself, that might be obscuring such a hard and fast conclusion, but I have decided that trying to be friends with women is impossible.

Why? Because of two things.

Lack of respect. Women lack respect for men. Where there is no respect, love is not possible. Certainly, the media and interlocking corporations pound us all with themes and messages demeaning men.

Women will not take responsibility. Females always refuse to take responsibility. Because they will not accept responsibility there can be no fairness and no justice.

There you have it. Lack of respect and lack of a sense of responsibility.

I give up. I gave up because I was tired of being pushed to do that which I would not want to do. And I do not wish to expose myself to the panic and drama that always acted to undermine me!

2 thoughts on “Why Men and Women Cannot be Friends

  1. Gunnar

    “Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. Laura was a wonderful teaching of Respect. Stellar short paragraph by awesome Edgar of, “men wanted respect more than love” and i wept when read it for the first time; because it told me a WHOLE lot about our society. To me; it was terrible when you can say, you “wanted Respect more than Love”! Read the Book 9 times, as it wasn’t modeled in Home and or the false church institute; at all!
    Just one thought: Stupid fairy tale thinking, “happily ever after”; NOT reality!


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