Sanctions Designed to Destroy USA

Biden and Obama are intent upon destroying the USA with the help of Russia and China. In 2020 the ChiComs already defeated the USA and now control the entire government(s) of the USA.

Now, we see Joe Biden and Barack Obama delivering another blow to America. This time the so-called “sanctions” against Russia are going to backfire causing the Federal Reserve Note to cease being the World’s Reserve Currency.

We in America are going to see runaway hyper-inflation (which is just another word for “theft”) that is going to strip the USA of any and all remaining wealth.

What can we do about it? Restore the law and enforce the law. Natural law. God’s law, the law of Yahweh.

The Original 13th Amendment is the law of the land. It was the last amendment properly ratified. It must be enforced to the hilt. It puts attorneys in their place. It strips all BAR association members of any and any citizenship in these States. It maintains the “separation of powers.”

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.

Joe Biden wants to destroy America and he has done an excellent job for his ChiCom masters!

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