China Wins Biological War 2020

China won the war. China is the only nation in which the mRNA Bioweapon is not being administered. In every other nation the mRNA “vaccine” Bioweapon has been and continues to be administered.

If the mRNA “vaccine” is so good and so necessary, why are the Chinese not using it?

Folks, the facts are it is not a “vaccine” and it is a Bioweapon.

At this point get ready for widespread HIV testing as part of the HIV strand was spliced into this ChiCom Bioweapon.

We see the formation of pediatric stroke teams in hospitals yet we still have vaccine mandates?

The ChiComs and the (false) Jews that are in power in the USA could not ask for a better weapon. They could not ask for a better war. A war in which there is no radiation and no fallout. A war which allows the Chinese to occupy America with it’s false Jews at the helm driving our sinking ship under the water.

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