My Take on the Ukraine 3/3/2022

Folks, I am always learning and changing my mind. When you are as anal as me, you know how that can paralyze a man. And THAT’S exactly what the enemy is doing to us in the Ukraine!

By feeding us info in different directions that is constantly changing the enemy keeps us from action. An action plan gives you freedom. Either you are correct and have success or you are wrong and learn from it and correct yourself.

In the Ukraine I am having a tough time telling the good guys from the bad guys. Then it dawned on me: The bad guys are using the ultimate camouflage.

Let me make this easy for you. The bad guys work for the IMF and their Rothschild owners & masters. Typically, we think of the Rothschild’s as being Jewish but they are not! Rather, they are FALSE Jews as stated clearly in the Bible in Revelations 2:9 & 3:9.

This is where it gets interesting. The western USA CIA side of the Ukraine has a President who is Jewish. However, the USA CIA paramilitary groups, and there are at least three, are explicitly Neo-Nazi groups!

Imagine that! Another Jewish led government. But! Is this another Jewish led revolution? Well, anyway. It is extremely complicated.

So, we have at least three separate military groups that utilize old Neo-Nazi and ancient religious symbols which align with Aryan ideals and Aryan peoples who are goading on the war by firing upon their own people trying to provoke a war. Where have we seen that before?

The Ukrainian leaders years ago refused the bondage of the IMF. Now, we all know that is not allowed. They must accept a debt based currency ala the Rothschilds–so that is the purpose of the war.

Also, these lands are the original homelands of the “not-so-quite Jews” that occupy Israel and the United States today (illegally). Reference The Thirteenth Tribe (1976) book by Arthur Koestler. Bibi said years ago that he wanted to get their homelands back and their homelands were known as Khazaria until approximately 1100 AD when the White Russians drove them off. They migrated west and became the AshkeNAZI Jews in Poland.

So, if you can’t tell the bad guys from the good guys, then take the shortcut: Whatever the media says, believe the exact opposite. Only this time it is really more convoluted.

I believe Putin and I take him at his word. We, in America, don’t need to put anymore money and especially weapons into the Ukraine. We need to let Putin and the Russians clean up the mess that the West gave them.

“Through fraud and deceit, the United States Government has been the biggest purveyor of war crimes for decades.” Alexandra Bruce, Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Shut Down Washington, DC

Folks, we really need to shut down DC. We need to stop the criminality that we’ve allowed to go on for far too long. We need to restore our Republic and return to the self-rule our Founders so wisely gave us.

Restore honest money.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our Founders laid wonderful foundations for us. Only, we have strayed and allowed ourselves to be deceived and corrupted. We need honest money.

How do we accomplish that? By buying silver and bringing down this Rothschild system of slavery!

Restoring the Original 13th Amendment

We need to return to the rule of law. How do we accomplish that? By restoring the Original 13th Amendment to its proper place and making all subsequent amendments null & void.

We can do this and, truly, we are all in this together. Either we take our government back and save the world or we can all die together in the fires of a nuclear holocaust or, worse yet, in a series of scourges from Bioweapons.

One more thing. There was no holocaust! Certainly Jews perished but no 6 million! It was approximately 375,000. More civilians died in the firebombing of Dresden than Jews during the entire WWI.

What we are dealing with is a “sociopathic culture.”

What we have been dealing with is a “sociopathic culture” that came out of Khazaria and Mount Edom also known as Mount Seir in southern Israel. Reference Martha Stout (2006) The Sociopath Next Door.

In my honest opinion, which is subject to change at any time, the best outcome is to recognize the two new republics as Russia has recognized them. Since the people are so divided, this may be the best possible outcome. The east Ukraine beat the west Ukraine so badly that the west signed a peace agreement then failed to honor it! Therefore, the west should lose. And there should be two new nations or whatever the locals decide to have.

Let the rest of us stay out of it. Let America follow the wisdom of its founder. George Washington warned us not to get enmired in foreign entanglements.

2 thoughts on “My Take on the Ukraine 3/3/2022

  1. Gunnar

    A relative by marriage used to talk about the bombing of Dresden as his parents experienced and talked of the Zoo Animals and their role. Know that David Irving, Tony Joel, Sinclair McKay, Charles River Editors, Anne Fuchs, Kurt Vonnegut wrote about; as “Firestorm”, Paul Addison and Jeremy Crang (thoughts on that book; excellent references)! Sad, had to hear this piece of History through researching and not learn anything in the inane, inept, ineffectual; irrelevant dumbing down of the masses evil public education system (Charles Sykes, John Gatto; Eustace Mullins, Dr. James W. Wardner, John W. Whitehead, Milton William Cooper, Dane Phillips; John Scura many reads). Appreciated the person who told me “reading was a cheap education”. We are here as a whole, because people do not read and or research a matter, NOT at all! The people were told to roll over and play dead, wear a mask, close, can’t travel etc, which complied; except the Matthew 7:13-14 group

    Besides Operation Mockingbird, there was Project Paperclip, Bluebird, Artichoke, Monarch, MKUltra, Lebersborn (there were more). Operation Julie, Spellbinder, Often, Mind Control etc., Does America stand for anything besides being Murderous America, Suicide Nation, Queer USA (LGHTB whatever agenda) all the termite agenda of eroding from within=5th Column and Death and Destruction? As someone synopsis of America for all those exposing ,”great and terrible Beast” and “the church is the whore”-Revelations 18:4.

    Hope and PRAY that us stupid dumbed down “sheeple” wake up before it’s too late as “New World Order-Third Reich, One World Order, Georgian Guidestones, Order of the Golden Dawn, Eugenics” all the evil doer’s who want to take away ALL your Freedom as next is the people’s Houses/Homes and Money since the majority rolled over and did NOT push back since the “middle class has been sleeping for the last hundred years”. Very grievous item, was allowing satanic people kill you and your children through “unlawful vaccines” and closing everything, no meet and greet.

    There was NO Emergency and i agree with Jim Stone “it was all a Hoax” and it wasn’t about a Virus, it was about an “IQ Test”. How very sad for all us stupid sheeple, who STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON, still wearing the mask and NOT being and or “getting pro-active”; can’t wake them as living in tremendous fear which is NOT of God; not at all. That’s why expecting Nukes to fly because of our sociopath Leaders “satanist and pedophiles rule/run the World”; then there is the Finger of Almighty Holy God!

  2. Gunnar

    This World is NOT just run by Sociopaths, it’s also run by Psychopaths. Woman told me Bill Gates was on “Ted Talks”, talking about his Eugenics Protocol of “footprints and the entire World Population of 9 Billiion have to die for 69 million to remain; known as Agenda 21”. IF, that isn’t Psychopath behavior, along with heads of vaccines companies; calling those who refuse or do not want the vaccines “Criminal”. Taking away your FREEDOM of choice and knowing the vaccines are intent Bio-Weapons “kill shots” and that’s OK with humanity as well as killing children with “mandatory vaccines” agenda?

    When there was, NO Emergency; it was all New World Order agenda and lies. No different than what the Nazi’s did years ago, as vaccines are “Auschwitz”. Adolescent and Teen, Young People; people in general suicide is doubled and that’s not a concern? “World is predicated on lies”! People are saying “it’s only going to get worse”! Joel 1:14; Joel 2:15-17! KJV

    Then we have the Fentanyl Crisis more “genocide of the masses”, guess where Fentanyl is coming from? “ChiComm”! Where are the Jehu’s kicking in the “Gates of Hell”? How very sad, that Julian Lennon feels like it’s the “End of the World” to sing a song of being robbed of all Hope. Again, it’s a very sad commentary on the “Whore of the Church” and Adults, People; Humanity in general. “God is a Four Letter Word” and since it hasn’t been modeled, no one knows when ask the question; or at first glance of a Book Title; what the answer is! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE has NOT been exemplified. VERY GRIEVOUS COMMENTARY, ON THE CONDITION OF OUR SOCIETY, WORLD, NATION! It has been more like getting even, revenge, paybacks, being offended, retaliation, UNFORGIVENESS which all leads to Murder and here we are! John 8:44; John 10:10! Why does the few have to carry so many? 2 Chronicles 7:14, Matthew 7:13-14, Ezekiel 9:all and Proverbs 9:10. Will have to look up all the verses in the Bible of “abhor” comes to mind!


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