Manipulated into Another War

We are being manipulated into another war. This is scripted and it is so easy to discover their scripting that it is insane. There is no reason for another war.

True, Putin has an “incursion” into the Ukraine. Putin’s incursion is absolutely necessary for the defense of Russia since the USA can not be trusted to take care of matters properly. Moreover, the enemy of mankind and the planet is working both sides!

What we have today is the Beast System. We are Babylon. All of Western Civilization has been taken over the the Devil & his children. Quite literally the ancient aliens so well described in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament which many call the Parchments.

Putin and the Russians have never practiced a “scorched earth” campaign. The Russians always go in slowly and they conduct both diplomacy & war together. The Russians want to “pacify” the people and when the Russians withdraw they always want the local people to police & manage themselves.

In comparison & contrast when the Americans go in, we blow up everything. We fail to work with the locals, and when we withdraw there is chaos and the people hate the Americans. They resent US greatly.

The Beast System

This is because we have had a retarded State Department for at least a full century! Why is this? Because the State Department is chocked full of real communists! We, the United States of America, have been taken over from within and we’ve become the Beast System in the Bible!

We are a continuation of Rome and the Romans. We are not the home of the free and the land of the brave. We, the USA has spread communism everywhere we have been! Look at southeast Asia. Look at Eastern Europe. It is America and her policies guided by the Khazarian Mafia that sacrificed Eastern Europe to the communists. It was our State Department guided by the Khazarian Mafia that abandoned mainland China to the Red Communists!

The Khazarian Mafia launched their troops from New York into Russia to usurp the Russian Revolution with their October Surprise. We, America did that to Russia. We sent over that Bolshevik Revolution. Such a thing should never have been allowed to be planned, launched and controlled from our shores, from Manhattan.

So, don’t buy this war. Don’t buy their war. The Khazarians are working both sides. The Khazars work ALL sides! Moreover, the Khazarians control our Mainstream Media. The Khazars have a stranglehold on America!

Blessed are the peacemakers.

We can only win this situation by embracing peace and holding our ground. We can not do this without the help and guidance of our Father Creator Yahweh.

Do not be deceived and hold your ground.

Yahshua the Messiah whom you misguided folks call Jesus Christ warned us Himself twice in the Bible (which is called a “Double Witness” in the Bible meaning God wants us to pay attention to this and learn): Do not be deceived and hold your ground.

The Way

The Faith of Our Fathers

Hold your ground means both hold onto your convictions, hold onto your faith, hold onto the Way AND defend yourself. You must adhere firmly to the faith of our fathers and you must defend yourself and the ground upon which you are standing.

1 thought on “Manipulated into Another War

  1. Gunnar

    Excellent write. Reading your “Recent Posts”, February and March also. You missed your calling as a History Teacher, who would have taught the truth and apologized if wrong and corrected yourself; that’s stellar in my Book.

    The satanic playbook NEVER changes of trying to get us into war; don’t buy into into extremely stupid satanic idiots who will do so. God Bless the Truckers for NOT showing up to Washington D.C., they were smarter than our treasonist Main Stream Media (MSM) selling out the people and Nation; World. So many people, saying DON’T listen to the MSM turn it off; even European News knows our sold out Media compromised and NOT telling the truth. Due to all brainwashing; dumbing down!

    Guess our satanic, insane, evil, wicked Media wants Tanks, Bombs, Missile’s, “ChiComm” on our Streets and Nukes to fly. Worse, MSM so stupid for selling everyone out; including themselves and loved ones. All the above is NO respecter of persons as satan NEVER plays fair. Obviously, MSM haven’t read Bible or “The Divine Revelation of Hell”; lot’s of History examples. The Death and Destruction that MSM wants everyone to deal with, including their OWN families as “sin makes you extremely stupid”! MSM can repent, when and if it all arrives; by then it will be way too late as “liar, liar, pants on fire”! How do these stupid people think, it won’t come to America’s Streets? Amazing how people didn’t value their lives, children’s and or Freedom.
    Waiting on the greatest Precipice of the Judgements of God OR a total Holy Visitation! Was led to “Destruction of America”; have you read that first Chapter, “Set the Trumpet to thy Mouth”? That’s what expecting very sorry to say IF, we do not wake up, push back “get proactive”; Pray, Fast and Repent especially violating Ten Commandments, Sermon on the Mount, Beatitudes, Deuteronomy 27/28, Bible as a whole.


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