Lessons from the Ukraine

What are the lessons we can learn from the Ukraine? There are many lessons and there is no way that one may exhaust them.

They are playing “Jew and NAZI” in the Ukraine and it is eye opening! The most important lesson is that we in the USA are funding all sides! The paramount lesson is that our media are totally controlled!

President George Washington

Can we in the USA finally learn to mind our own business? Can we in the USA finally learn the lesson our very first President gave us? To avoid “foreign entanglements?”

I don’t think so. In fact, I am confident things are going to get worse. Why? Because it is written in the Bible.

Moreover, that Biological weapon we’ve all been blaming on the ChiComs? It turns out it is more attributable, far more attributable to our own US Army! Just like the “Spanish Flu” this was given to us by our US Army.

The Spanish Flu

The only differences are the “Spanish Flu” escaped a biological facility at Fort Riley, Kansas. It was designed to cause pneumonia much like this Covid SARS Bioweapon. Face masks were required in each–both back then, the last two years and even now.

What I do not know is whether the “treatment” was also a Bioweapon just like these mRNA Bioweapon “vaccines.” At this point I am wondering if the entire history of the common cold and flu were actually biological weapons programs against the American people.

What we do know is we funded this illegal Zerenski government in the Ukraine. We also funded the illegal Bioweapons Labs inside the Ukraine. Furthermore, we also funded these neo-NAZI paramilitary groups such as the Asmov brigade inside Khazaria–oops–I mean the Ukraine.

Looking at the patches of all three paramilitary groups (or brigades) which Mr. Putin identified as “NAZI” groups, I see incorporated in each the symbol of ancient militant Khazaria! The symbol of Khazaria appears as a tiny part of their unit patches and on their flags. It resembles an inverted “M” or something akin to two wings or swords. More likely swords as the Khazarians loved war.

So, we have “Jews and NAZI’s” inside of the Ukraine. It’s kind of like “Cowboys & Indians” except far more sinister. Even in Hilter’s Germany we had good figs and bad figs fighting among themselves to represent the Jews in Germany.

A thorough reading of Edwin Black’s “The Transfer Agreement” documented the fact that the “bad figs” (or the bad Jews) were willing to murder the “good figs” (or the good Jews) in order to dominate and come out on top. Those were the Zionists and this Rothschild backed group went on to found (steal) “the Promised Land.”

And, yes, the bad figs such as George Soros incarcerated their fellow Jews. Moreover, the Zionists manned the concentration camps in which their fellow Jews, those who loved Germany and being German, were oppressed and murdered!

My advice: Stay out of Khazaria also known as the Ukraine. Let’s clean up our own house and rid the USA government of all dual citizens, whether Israeli dual citizens (Israeli duals) or any other person in our government at any level who holds any “dual citizenship.”

We need to remove any and all, each and every “dual citizen” from owning any media in the USA. We can no longer trust these “dual citizens” whose loyalty may be divided.

The Original 13th Amendment

We need to reclaim the Original 13th Amendment and expand it with legislation to bar anyone of Jewish origin (and/or anyone with any type of “dual citizenship”) to occupy certain positions and professions just like was done in the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire was the longest lasting nation and it coexisted with the Jews by limiting the positions and professions that the Jews were allowed to occupy and work.

The Byzantine Empire

It may appear “antisemitic” but the Jews are not Semites. More importantly, this is the action that must be taken for survival of our nation and in order to reclaim our Republic.


The Byzantine Empire lasted 1,100 years. According to author Eustace Mullins it was the longest lasting nation upon the earth–at least during this earth age. The Byzantine Empire survived by limiting the Jews as to what occupations they could have.

America survived to varying degrees depending upon one’s criteria. Certainly, with the inception of the Civil War we lost our Jeffersonian Republic and got stuck with a Lincolnian Republic which was no Republic at all!

Author Alexandre Solzhenitsyn wrote a book entitled “Two Hundred Years Together” which has not yet been fully translated in English. It was an historical account of living with the Jews.

Jew Maurice Samuel wrote in 1954:

“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”

— Maurice Samuel

In closing I want to remind you that it is not the Jews who are the problem but “those who say they are Jews and are not.” Yahshua tells us twice in Revelations (2:9, 3:9) that these are not from Judea but are of the “synagogue of Satan.”

The Khazars stole their identity just like they stole all of their victim’s identities. The Khazars are not descendants of Israel the man or of Abraham. Rather, the Khazars were a Turkish-Mongolian people who converted to Judaism circa 700 AD.

Today the Khazars hide behind and among the Jews. The Khazars use the Jews as human shields.

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