The Success of the Elite (and the Walking Dead)

I have been trying to figure out in short order a catchy and accurate title for this post but I am unable to do it. In a nutshell last evening I figured out that the elite have succeeded in reaching their goal of reducing the population of the USA to its original projection of merely 69 Million in 2025.

Deagel, the website, originally had a projection of 69 Million in approximately 2010 then took those projections down. Later, Deagel changed it to 99 Million. Perhaps that was to hide their genocidal intentions or to confuse people. However, last night I heard that approximately 260 Million Americans have taken the “clot shot.” That leaves approximately 69 Million of US who have not taken it.

One of the elite in Europe when asked about the inside dope said, ‘It’s simple. Within 10 years they will all be dead. If you want to know how much time a man has left merely take a blood smear on a slide and look at it under a microscope. Then count the percentage of anomalies (blood clotting and deformations) and estimate the percentage of those defects observed. If the defect rate is 50% then he has only 50% of the 10 years remaining. Deduct 5 years. If there are only 20% malfunctioning then deduct 2 years and within 8 years he’ll be dead.’

There are treatments to counteract the horrid kill shots. I don’t know what they are but some people are going to make a lot of money off helping people overcome and reverse the mistake they made.

So, if 260 Million are walking dead then that leaves approximately 69 Million remaining (alive) a decade later (after the shots) out of 339 Million people. Thus, we have been defeated in a bio-war waged by the elites and the ChiComs and the communists and all. That includes the communists and the Zionists who who reside among us. It involves both Democrat and Republican leadership. All of the Media and Big Tech.

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