Election Fraud

Is so rampant that election fraud is becoming an American tradition!

As Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “Elections have consequences.” I say:


What we have here is the destruction of America and the democrats get the credit. It’s quite an accomplishment to take the USA down and it could only happen from within and only by the Democrats!

These Democrats have debased our currency and set us up to experience serious inflation this spring. These are the consequences of a stolen election and the entire world knows it was stolen. The world knows America is weak and ripe for the conquering.

In fact, we are going to lose our world reserve currency status which is fine. We need a reset, a total reset and that must include returning to Constitutional money and not the phony money fiat currency which requires us to go to war.

Perhaps while we are at it we can restore our Republic and once again enjoy self-rule. But, for now, we are demonstrating once again that we are incapable of self rule and there is no rule of law.

America ceased being great when America ceased being good. If we do not regain control over this errant behemoth government and begin firing vast swaths of it, we will soon cease to exist as a nation.

This is not an impossibility. As a matter of fact it is likely. More than 2500 years ago the prophets described the coming nuclear war in great detail. And the current Administration is completely capable of causing a full on nuclear war. They will do anything to stay in power. Anything!

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