Elections have Consequences, Especially Stolen Elections (Vote Theft 2022)

The same patterns persist that were observed in 2020 and this election, too, was stolen. The election was handed over to the ChiComs by their Democrat slaves. Since we are denied change at the ballot box the cartridge box is all we have remaining.

We need to secede from this “disunion.” Already, there are motor cycle gangs and off-road vehicle gangs running rampant in several locations. From New York to Arizona, law enforcement is progressively abandoning their posts and allowing local gangs to rule.

No one is safe. And it will only get worse.

As the Democrats and several RINO’s continue their widespread efforts to disarm citizens, the need to defend one’s self will only increase. Forget about low capacity small arms because one will need something that allows one to defend against the gangs and possible crowd control.

From this point on we will all be suffering. Do not expect relief during the 2024 election. It’s over. America is over.

As we separate and go to our Second Civil War we will be attacked and we will never be a Super Power again! The Democrats and the CIA and CAA have assured that Americans are the dumbest people on earth. America has lost all respect.

No only do our CIA & CAA interfere in elections abroad, from the Ukraine in 2014 to Brazil 2022, we are no longer able to hold honest elections in America. In short, we have lost the ability to rule ourselves. We have lost self-rule and there are no checks and balances on this errant government.

Someone (above the Biden regime) decided to destroy America and we have been suckered into destroying ourselves. Our RINO leaders, namely Mitch McConnell and others, have thwarted the will of the people.

We need corrections upon such a large order that it is impossible to imagine there will be any criminal charges or even investigations as our entire government has been weaponized against the people–all because people are too lazy to withstand the government over reach and expansion of the last decades since President Woodrow Wilson.

President Wilson upon seeing the passing of the Federal Reserve Act said he was a most unhappy man because he had destroyed his country. It took a long time to play out but play out it has done. WE ARE DONE.


We are all American “Josephs” serving the “Pharaoh” Rothschilds enslaving the World. Elections have consequences, especially STOLEN elections!

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