Obama Made World War III Inevitable

Secretary of State John Kerry is proving to be worse than Hillary Clinton was!  As impossible as it seems, Kerry is far worse and he hides the fact he’s a Jew as well.  I guess everyone today is Jewish.

With the agreement with Iran the Obama Administration has sealed the fates of America and the world.  We are faced with a war that will destroy America.  That is what Obama wants.  So, Barack allows Iran to build a nuclear bomb.  Actually, I don’t think that in itself is so horrible.

What is horrible is that this entire episode has been manipulated to set the scene so that that postage stamp of a false nation Israel will now start WWIII!

I hate how the current crop of false conservatives are drawing parallels with Neville Chamberlain’s agreement with Herr Hitler.  Why?  Because it is short sighted.

Had the British never attacked Germany and started the fratricidal World Wars, Hitler never would have risen to power.  The problem has always been and always will be the Jewish International bankers (Rothschild’s) and their behind the scenes manipulations to subjugate the world.  And to think they are FALSE JEWS that Jesus warned us about twice in Revelations (2:9, 3:9).

When will we ever read the Bible and discover the truth about what is going on on the planet?

Obama tried to start World War III by overtly attacking Syria.  He’s been undermining Syria by illegally supplying weapons, money and mercenaries for a long time.  But the American people would not go for it and Putin was able to steal Obama’s thunder and narrowly avert WWIII by negotiation.

But Obama and his masters will not be put off forever.  They will have their WWIII or we will have full scale revolution inside America.  I would rather have the fight here inside the United States than see ICBM’s tossed back and forth between countries–especially since President Obama took most of our nuclear warheads off their missiles in the Midwestern states and moved them to South Carolina making them inoperative.

Folks, this is far more dangerous than it appears!

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