Americans: Do You Want Your Country Back?

There is only one way to get our country back.  Read Deuteronomy and Leviticus in the parallel sections on the curses for disobedience to the contract our fathers and mothers entered into voluntarily at Mt. Sinai–that is the Ten Commandments.

See if you realize that America is suffering the same curses as written in those two books of the Bible.  By the way, since that occurs in two separate passages in the Bible, it is considered a “double witness” meaning God really means it and wants us to pay attention to it.

The law has NOT been done away with!  That is a lie.  It comes from the father of all lies.  He owns the world today and runs all of the churches, all organized religion!

The truth is we need to realize who we are:

We are the descendants of the Israelites.

And when we return to our God and give living by the Ten Commandments our best effort, we will prevail and ONLY THEN WILL WE GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!

After discovering who the real Israelites are, then you might come to realize who the enemies are.  Only when you know these truths contained inside the Bible will Americans get control of their country and their government back.


Educate yourselves.


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