Announcing Re-Commencement of the Dr. Kent Show

After a hiatus of several years while recovering my health as best I could, I am re-launching my radio show. During these five years I read the Bible and it was by reading my Bible daily and the whole Bible that I was able to effect the recovery I have.  And it has been a tremendous blessing.

God has humbled me and His Word has restored me.  While I may not be the powerhouse of intellect I once was, I am alive and, more importantly, far more importantly, I know the truth.

I urge everyone to read the Bible and not just that little New Testament but the whole entire Holy Bible, especially the Old Testament.  Why?  Because they lied to us and we lie to ourselves and we lie to each other!  We have become THE PEOPLE OF THE LIE!

And what does that (lying) result in?  Mass delusions and psychosis!

Join me as I heal America!

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