Consultation with Dr. Kent

Starting December 9, 2018 consultations with Dr. Kent are available for fee for service.  Rates are $500 per consultation in which I block out a half of a day to address your issue(s).  Follow up consultations are $200; however, if I choose to follow up there will be no additional fee.  If you merely want an hour my consultation fee is $240.  Occasionally I work pro bono, especially for the indigent.

Quite simply I am chocked full of information and have a rich network of colleagues to consult.  I often I find myself working through and arriving at better conclusions and more recommendations over time.  I continue to think of my clients and hence when I arrive at a better conclusion I call and follow up gratis.

I do not conduct regular therapy.  I keep no records and I provide no services as a psychologist.  While I am competent at psychological testing and can utilize such reports, I do absolutely no psychological testing.

My services are not suitable for everyone.  I tend to be rather abrupt and direct.  I cut to the chase.  You may not like my style.  If that is the case it would best to seek the professional services of a traditional psychologist.   I do my best to fix problems and help folks heal.  I do not build dependent relationships.  I do my best to keep my clients as independent as possible.

My value system is conservative; therefore, my services are not suitable for libtards and leftists.  I offend them and they offend me.  Liberals breed dependency!

The vast majority of psychologists are liberals and boards of psychologist examiners run off conservatives as soon as they discover them.  This is why we see no conservative psychologists.

I do not maintain an office.  However, I am willing to meet in a public place or talk on the phone or even Skype.  I need to hear your voice in order to be able to help you and be effective.  My preference is to work with systems such as family systems, however, I can do this (effect and intervene upon the system) by working with merely one person.

If you have a serious issue like schizophrenia I can help with an overall impression and advice regarding your treatment or the treatment of a family member.  However, I do not take on cases.  I do not conduct long term or short term therapy.  I merely provide information most of which is generic in nature.

Also, I pull a lot of guidance and wisdom from the Bible.  If that offends you then we are not a good match.  That does not mean I can not help people of other faiths.  I can.  I also pull from the eastern religions, Sikh and yogic traditions.

If you have a bipolar disorder, I do not think you can find anyone as well versed in the literature as I am.  However, such major mood disorders often require 10 years of therapy and approximately 5 years to get relief.  Still, I can put you on track and help you assess treatment and treatment providers.

Because I am advanced and excelled as a practitioner, I do have some major ways to cut that time down significantly.  It is possible to make major progress in two years.  If a client is motivated (miserable enough) and has the means (is intelligent), I can fast track you for success.

If you are dealing with a personality structure that has become problematic or even a full blown personality disorder I may be able to assist you in charting your course for relief.  However, I do not accept borderline personality disorder and/or manipulative subtypes of personality disorders (Millon) because they are too destructive and generally not amenable to treatment.  I will make a referral if I am able.

Although I eventually found I preferred working as a clinical psychologist and a generalist because it offered greater variety, I subspecialized in neuropsychology and industrial/organizational psychology.  Should you have a human resources or a business application I may be able to help or guide you to one who will serve your needs.

At 66 I have a lot of expertise and experience and education to draw upon.  In my senior years I require more maintenance, so I am available upon a limited basis.  I enjoy helping others and I look forward to your call.

At your service,

Dr. Kent

(480) 861-9221