Abraham Lincoln’s Real Attitude Toward Negros

At this point I am merely going to make available “THE COLLECTED WORKS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN” that I have on hand. From it one sees clearly that the Civil War was NOT over slavery.

Moreover, you can read clearly the alleged President’s writing his attitude towards the Negro & miscegenation. He did NOT approve of race mixing.

Abraham Lincoln and Joe Biden have much in common. First, each held the office illegally. Second, they are Jews, crypto-Jews with Abraham Lincoln (Spring/Springstein) having the distinctions of being the first Jewish President and a Rothschild!

I reserve other information and my comments for my forthcoming book and Sunday Bible broadcast.

Please email me because the file is too large for me to upload to my blog. It is a PDF copy of more than 21 MB that I scanned long ago. It was provided by a dear brother in the Faith of our Fathers with key passages underlined.