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  1. Marion Kolitwenzew

    Gee, I’m just looking for a way to speak to you personally. You’re fed up with the psychiatric state, an end times prophet, you show an understanding of the conspiracy substrata. I need some one to talk to about all of the above. (The church is under horrible attack!) Nobody around me right now sees that substrata, organizationally much less spiritually. I have made the mistake of trying to talk about this kind of stuff and now I’m a conspiracy nut to those I have broached the subject with. I’m afraid of posting the connections I see because the Internet sucks sometimes when you put yourself out there and the response is silence.

    I will put this out: Are you aware that the World Counsel of Churches was founded by a Jesuit?

    I’m an Orthodox Christian, the Pope left our communion of bishops in the tenth century. The leaders have been out to destroy the Orthodox first by the sword, now by cooptation through drawing almost all our regional dioceses into the WCC!

    I was going to apply to a grad school in counseling just to get my license, but you’ve made me think twice. I think it would be a revolting was to spend my time.

    1. People with Facts

      You were not defrauded by Alex.. she did like and have respect for u in the beginning until u started stalker the apts u thought she said in, and went complex to complex the door to door trying to find her apt door. YOU have stalked her and harrased her. She has an amazing heart and cares for strangers and even was still going to reach out to talk but u had to lie, saying you were defrauded! YOu gave her money,you asked for it whenu stopped speaking. she didnt and u never mentioned you wanted it back until she would sleep w you and marry you and take ur last name like u wanted.. SHE was told by many people that know you… SUCH AS: the co workers annd previous associates. She still was communicating w u from time to time even when her family said they wouldnt speak to her if she was caught speaking to you again! and ITS ILLEGAL to portray yourself as a doctor or psychologist….Also u withstrainging orders in many states. Its public record that your were disbarred and had FIRED from Arizona Dept of Corr. for sexual harrassment maleficence and 2 other reasons. Not trying to be a bitch i dont know you. but you were posting fliers, which one in the front of our hood and along with everyoneelse. Stay clear, i was the one to give police my camera footage from the night you were passing fliers out , got u and your dog on camera. Just leave her be and she will reach out, she working on herself and her emotional etc problems. Im done, Neighborhood cop Larry L. said at neighhood meeting for u to stay away from your area. god bless u!

  2. Russ Wakefield

    Really great to find your blog and your knowledge about the state of affairs in the world today. All caused by the usual suspects.

  3. Gunnar

    don’t post, didn’t know where to send. . today pacific time 5:04-5:05 p.m. communist bull sh_t news-cbs affilliate. take the vaxx, listen to dr.s, not friends or people on internet, MSM selling people out and also in the a.m. same station John legend long interview on how he demanded his whole entire family get vaxx. wept for his stupidity and being mouth piece for satan. also feel like we’ve all been played. like the truman show and or joe the volcano. my 2 cents. When you look at the movie “defiance” and the suffering they had to go through waiting for humanity to step up to the plate as today against the evil doers. amazing. Proverbs 9:10; Matthew 7:13-14 come to mind.

  4. Gunnar

    Catherine Austin Fitts with Sherri Tenpenny “The Beast System, Covid-1984 have you heard this Video:

    1. How do we know like fowchi and any famous name their Vaccine wasn’t just saline or water etc.,?
    2. Also, with this “fakebook/nazibook” in blocking President DJT that just shows does Big Tech and Social Media control the World as part of the “satanist and pedophiles rule the world”?
    3. If, people are stilling wearing a mask and bowing to closure why would they want their Freedom
    taken away; the above video says it well?


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