ISRAEL & USA to Attack IRAN (99.89% probability!)

Without a doubt this very weekend Israel with the full backing of Joe Biden will attack Iran. Should the leaders of Iran stand down it will be a major embarrassment for the USA and Israel.

After all,

“America is Israel’s Bitch:”

–the Honorable Late Congressman James Traficant Jr. (D-Ohio) uttered shortly before his murder by three men dressed in black observed speeding towards the murdered Congressman’s farm.

Let’s pray the Iranian’s, the mullahs and their leaders and the Iranian people can take the hit and hold firm. As my Dad said, “It takes a bigger man to walk from a fight.”

The First Transexual Institute 1919-1933 and the Rise of Adolf Hitler

Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (1919) Berlin

The Berlin BOOK BURNINGS were not as our illustrious 5th Column Main Stream Propaganda describe–LIED to US. L@@K UP Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld.

Magnus Hirschfeld, MD

The first books they burned were this physician’s library on TRANSGENDERISM. Dr. Hirschfeld was performing “GENDER AFFIRMING” SURGERIES in the early 20th Century!

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler rose to power as a direct response to the German people’s NEED FOR SURVIVAL! Which is exactly what we have going on in America today as the VERY SAME PEOPLE (the Devil’s children) are DESTROYING AMERICA TODAY!


Adolf Hitler cleaned up the filth and disaster of the Weimar Republic and did what no man had ever done before in history! He cleaned up Berlin at a time they had 57 different words for that many types of prostitution–which the pharmacies kontrolled!


It’s not (just) the bankers. It’s Big Pharma! The pharmaceutical plants were never bombed during WWII. Why not? Because they were in full kontrol of America before WWII!

The Great American Genocide

I wish my doctors would stop trying to kill me!

I literally wish my physicians would stop trying to kill me!

The Great American Genocide

Seriously folks! These higher educated above us to “Rule Over US” can not be that dumb that they do not realize what they are doing! What they have been doing! And how they’ve been hoodwinked by the Devil and his children to genocide Americans!

6,000,000 Americans Starved

During the last American genocide, FDR kept the Great Depression going far longer than need be! Roosevelt and his Banksters prolonged The Great Depression so that they could better fleece Americans. In order that Roosevelt and his (Fabian Socialist) buddies could rob and steal, rape and pillage, and genocide more Americans. An estimated 6,000,000 Americans died needlessly, starving. And “their” MEDIA covered it up!

Stop being naive!


Stop being deceived, folks!

Satan Owns the Planet

The Devil and his children own America; they own this planet.

Establish the Kingdom of Heaven Upon the Earth

Our job is to take it back. To wrest control from them and to establish the Kingdom of Heaven Upon the Earth!

The New Earth Age

Please note I wrote “upon the Earth.” That was John the Apostle’s vision on the Island of Patmos. The sea was no more (Revelation 21:1). All of the land was exposed once again and the water was locked up in the glaciers of another ice age–the purification of the Earth which will last for approximately nine months (birth pangs, labor and giving birth).

16 October 2046

This is John’s vision of the Next Earth Age. We know it is coming. Soon. Once again the Sphinx shall align with the heavens and “the asshole of a spirit” shall descend. That date corresponds with the date the heavens opened up and Noah’s Flood began many years ago. The anniversary is 16 October 2046 give or take approximately 60 days on either side of that Tuesday.

Will We Allow Evil to Rule?

But, right now, we must return to our present fate. Will we allow the Evil one and his minions to genocide America? What about the rest of the World?

Repent and Return to Yahweh

The Evil ones are attacking our food supply and our ability to feed the world. They want sheer destruction. Utter destruction. Yahweh created evil (Isaiah 45:7) and they are doing His bidding (Particularly “Baraq” also spelled “Barack” in Deuteronomy 32:41). Unless we return to Yahweh Creator Father God of the Universe our fate has been sealed.

It is my firm conviction and faith that if we return to Yahweh, He may once again repent of the evil He has planned for us (Jonah 3:10). An evil we so rightly and justly deserve.

After all, we have become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbors (Jeremiah 49:18). Yahweh has used nukes in the past and will utilize them in the future (Zechariah 5, the entire chapter). We can predict future behavior by past behavior. I see no reason (yet) for Yahweh to spare us.


America no longer has a government! America has been captured! It’s all over, folks. That’s all she wrote. America was killed while she slept.

Will America rise again?

Like the Phoenix?

Like the eagle?

Or something else?

The Beast System

Right now we have the Beast System. The culmination of millennia of conflicts, secret and otherwise. I’d venture to say that this fight began several Earth Ages ago.

Approximately 50,000 years ago but James’ teacher Ray informs me that James said it was 72,000 years ago.

An Earth Age is Approximately 12,068 Years

Give or take 45 days.

Seeing how an Earth Age appears to be approximately 12,068 years that would place it approximately the Fifth Earth Age ago. That is when the Evil One and his children were driven to the Earth after a giant space battle.

TODAY, WE FIGHT THAT SAME BATTLE! Only it is internally and externally. We fight within ourselves and live out this outer conflict in each of our souls.

Who will win? Will it be the Devil and his children or Adam and his kind? Will those who inhabit this world otherwise wake up and realize they are being used to their own demise? Towards each other’s demise?

Mother Earth

Will they join together and fight to save the planet, to save Mother Earth?

Great American Reset

Shall Americans reclaim their heritage and go for The Great American Reset?

Reclaiming our Great American Constitution

We do not have to “reinvent the wheel!” We only have to go with the framework our Founders gave us–they magnificently foresaw this day and prepared US for it!

No One is Coming to Save Us Except . . .

No one is coming to save us except we have the Holy Spirit.

For years, more than a decade, I have been asking:

Do we wait for Jesus Christ to arrive, then follow His orders?


Do we seize this planet for Jeus Christ and prepare the World for Him?

Now, I have the answer. We were given the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and that’s it. That’s all she wrote! And that’s all we need!

I have the answer.

We don’t get it by saying “the magic words” and suddenly we’re saved. We’re transformed. Certainly, we make a decision. We commit to higher values. But it doesn’t happen over night. There is no over night success.


We do what Saul did. Certainly, Yahshua can appear to us and blow us out of the water, blow us out of our boots, hit us with a bolt of lightening* but I wouldn’t go exactly with that word (which is Barak, i.e. Baraq* [Deuteronomy 32:41, Isaiah 14:12, Luke 10:18]).

Saul became Paul.

And Paul (el chango!) did not instantly transform into a preacher. Rather, the transformed Saul went into hiding. He secluded. And he read his Bible or the scriptures that were available to him at that time and we didn’t hear from Saul or about Paul for some twenty years–while Paul was prepared by the Holy Spirit for perhaps the biggest mission ever known to man!

So, you or I need to follow the example of Paul. We need to read our Bibles. We need to steep ourselves in the Word. We need to make ourselves into full strength, fully brewed, steeped in the Holy Spirit.

Steeped in the Holy Spirit

Dare I say? He brewed?



With the advent of MY BIBLE we have new understanding and so much more is available to us–with time–in time. For one, we know it did not say: “Father, son and the Holy Spirit” but is written: “there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” (1 John 5:7 PNKJB)

The Law of Life (2 Esdras 14:30 KJV)

It is not and it was not “the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost!” Realize that in the beginning was the Word or Logos or the Law (of Life) and the Bible is right smack dab in the middle! As it is “the Word” so mentioned above!

Toroidal Field

Let me tell you a secret: Jesus Christ whose real name is Yahshua the Messiah is the Word and He existed since the very beginning! Without Him there is no life. Our entire universe is held together and courses through his sacred heart! Which is a giant toroidal field (engine) holding it all together from which all power emanates!

Sacred Heart

We access the Holy Spirit by reading our Bibles and cultivating the Spirit (big “S”). How we made this into the Holy Trinity is beyond me when all along we’ve had it right in front of us. We are to cultivate the Holy Spirit in order that Yahshua the Messiah might live in us eternally and we might fulfill our destiny to establish the Kingdom of Heaven Upon the Earth!

The Kingdom of Heaven Upon the Earth

That’s right! That Kingdom is to be established upon this Earth. That’s our goal, our mission and we must not waver from it!

You see, the Earth is alive as well as the Sun and, moreover, the Earth groans for her Saviors! Plural. We mere mortal men have to rise up in the Holy Spirit and save Mother Earth from those who would and will destroy her should we fail to wrest control from the Evil One and his children!

At this point dare I point out that there is no Judaeo-Christian Tradition? There never has been a Judaeo-Christian Tradition. The Christian faith came first and the Jewish religion came second.

The faith of our fathers existed well before the Jewish tradition was codified in the sixth century BC. Remember who killed the Messiah.

The Cross, the Tree of Condemnation

That there never should have been anything called “the Christian Religion.” It was taken out of context! The followers of “the way” or “the faith of our fathers” never called themselves “Christians,” rather they were labeled so by the Roman pagans who felt sorry for them and their impoverished lifestyle. The Roman pagans had many gods and thought it pure poverty to have merely one god!

The Rolled Away Tombstone

We have turned a symbol of condemnation into a religious symbol. Did we choose wisely? I don’t think so nor did a friend of mine when he declared the rolled away tombstone estimated to weight 32,000 pounds should be our symbol.

Sixteen Tons

After all, ‘you move sixteen tons and what do you get? Another day older and you’re deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’t you call me because I can’t go. I owe my soul . . . to the company store!’ “Sixteen Tons” Merle Travis (1946)


“C” stands for Cancer–Unless one is on YouTube.

Then one must call it “cunt.” The other nasty “C” word!

Cancer was Engineered into our Society,

Recently, YouTube gave me a warning for declaring publicly that “cancer was engineered into society.” YouTube claims that my utterance runs counter to the World Health Organization (WHO)!

Cancer was designed in and the elite are targeting us with the strongest carcinogens known to man. I have reports indicating the elite are spraying us with cancer causing agents including mycotoxins (fungi), even “Black Mold!”


Whenever scientists want to research cancer they utilize the most powerful carcinogen known to cause/induce cancer: Black Mold.

For more than 20 years it has been known that all cancers in man and in animals are caused by fungi, mycotoxins! Lead author A.V. Costantini, MD, Head of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Actually, I am much more open-minded than thinking only mold causes cancer. I also think heavy metals cause or contribute to cancer along with other environmental toxins. Furthermore, I am open to the possibility that parasites cause cancers as well.


What concerns me is medical doctors insist we believe their lies and their fraud. They insist “genetics causes cancer;” however, more than 20 years ago I completed the advanced statistics on some research that was already done on the causes of breast cancer.

Genetic Causes Account for 6% of the Total Variance at Most

I was flabbergasted when my completed calculations demonstrated that genetic causes for cancer contribute AT MOST 6% to the total variance! The vast remainder was almost equally divided between Life Style Factors and Environmental Causes, approximately 44% and 46%.

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Controls & Misdirects All Funding for Breast Cancer Research

And the Susan G. Komen Foundation MISDIRECTS all of the funding for breast cancer research! The Komen Foundation allows for funding for only “genetic” causes ignoring the real killers of women! Likewise, the findings are not dissimilar for prostate cancers in men.

National Cancer Act of 1937

If an MD tells you that genetics cause cancer RUN AWAY! They either can’t treat you or won’t treat you! Why? Because Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “National Cancer Act of 1937” made it illegal to treat cancer with anything other than “cut, slash and burn” (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy).” And so it remains to this day.

Fraud and Maltreatment

Medical Doctors practice fraud and require maltreatment in order to keep their medical licenses and keep on the gravy train. Don’t expect testing for heavy metal toxicity and detox, testing for parasites and de-worming, or anti-fungal medications. Those would all be too cheap and too easy–especially upon patients.

The Great American Reset

Our second “revolution” is absolutely imperative. We have no choice! Either we restore our Constitution and return to the structure our Founders gave us or we absolutely perish!

How do we do this?

By becoming GOOD AGAIN.

How do we do that? Not by attending the subverted and totally kontrolled Big Box Churches the government has “incorporated,” i.e taken over via the Treasury Department, but by sitting on your derrieres and READING THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF!


Why? Or why not? Because YOU ARE THE TEMPLE! Moreover, the Bible through the Holy Spirit speaks to each one of us differently!

So, no one can do it for you! You must do it yourself for yourself!



Are “They” Pulling the Plug Today!?

My Uncle Roy lost a cool MILLION DOLLARS on one day last year in the stock market on January 1st of 2023. Then the market recovered and in my estimation by June he added $4 MILLION to his portfolio and approximately every 40 days he was increasing by a cool MILLION DOLLARS.

Today, now that we are past the multi-million dollar end of year bonuses for the CEO’s and all, the market is set to fall. Will it just be a one day drop then recover like last year?


Not necessarily as the Bond Market has tanked and war against Iran (Persia and Assyria) is immanent. Why? Because Iran is where the new gold exchange for oil is going to be set up and the United States with its Petro-Dollar can not withstand the challenge of the expanding BRICS!


We, the American people, have been captured and we can not stop the False Flags and the lies of our central Fabian Socialist federal government. Nor can we stop any of these Banker’s wars!

Their Lying Mainstream CIA Mockingbird Media Paves the Road to Hell!

And Nuclear Annihilation!

The World hates the USA. We no longer fight any war of self defense. It is all offense and their propaganda mainstream media lies to the American people and manipulates the way to war–they pave the road to hell! Americans are the laughing stock of the world because we stood by and let the 30% landslide victory of President Trump be stolen from we, the people, and did nothing!

Folks, as far a rebelling or revolting it’s not going to work! Yahweh does not bless rebellion. He only blesses self defense.

Yahweh has Judged the USA.

And Found US Lacking!

This entire morass is from Yahweh. Yahweh had judged US and found US severely lacking. National judgment is upon US. We deserve to be nuked as we are far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbors!

We are as Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbors to Yahweh!

The enemy, those parasites within have suckered US into violating the laws of Yahweh and it will not go well with US! Get ready for a hard landing. A very hard landing, indeed!


I don’t think this loss in the market today is a one time, one day thing like it was last year. How I wish My Uncle Roy was here but then he’d have to watched his beloved bank utterly fail. B of A launders far too much drug money and launders far more money in child trafficking. I can’t wait for Babylon to fall.