Arizona Attorney Neal G. Horenstein, Esq. & Priority Medical–Insurance Fraud?

I put a question mark in the title as I believe the two may be committing insurance fraud. I don’t know. I don’t know the legal definition of insurance fraud. Nevertheless, the insurance companies go right along with this because the money is coming out of you, the consumer.

Don’t go the Priority Medical. Don’t engage Attorney Neal Horenstein. That is the best advice I can give you.

Now, why don’t I go to the Arizona Bar Association and why don’t I report to law enforcement in the State of Arizona? Because I already went to the Bar Association in Arizona and their investigator did nothing. She did not do her job. And law enforcement is useless because they do not want to do their job as well.

I will be telling my story here and at this time I have too many irons in the fire. Let it suffice to say Neal G. Horenstein, Esq. again threatened me today as he did when he threatened to call the FBI and file a false report about me with the FBI–that is why I complained to the Bar Association but Mrs. Moses told me that she never even asked him about it! That is negligent and failure to do her duty.

Don’t bother with the State Bar of Arizona. Like all Bar Associations they don’t care about us. All that matters to them is their power and ability to predate upon us, the lay people. Truly, as Abraham Lincoln said ‘the professions are turned against the laity.’

“His people,” as Neal Horenstein refers to Priority Medical charged me twice the going rate for their services. By the way the way, they do no physical therapy at Priority Medical; nevertheless, they discharged me with two pages chocked full of physical therapy exercises none of which they ever did with me.

I left Priority Medical because of the obvious fraud and I was seriously injured. I was not getting any better–regardless of what their bogus records might say!

I hope Neal Horenstein enjoyed the “kick back” he got from Priority Medical that he told me about. Since they billed me approximately $5,000 which was twice what the GEICO insurance agent told me was customary for those palliative services, I figure Neal Horenstein must have gotten as much as $2,500 in kick back money from Priority Medical.

I would take action to pursue this but the system is totally broken and everyone is corrupt. There is no more rule of law in the USA. We all know that but we don’t know the extent to which this impacts all of our lives.

Between the two of them they deprived me of approximately $2,500 of settlement moneys I should have had. Plus Neal Horenstein forced me to pay him $2,500 in his fees even though he spoiled BOTH my claim and my medical care.

I asked him for it back today. That is when he threatened me again. This time he tried to intimidate me with a mental evaluation. He was going to fire me at the same time I discharged him. So, why demand fees you’ve neither earned nor deserve?

Horenstein lacks ethics, integrity and character. I am unable to recommend.

Whats Your Price Credit Scheme (not) Explained

One of the biggest complaints about WYP is their credit scheme is not explained. It is not in any obvious place so I am not able to understand it or explain it. Yet, here it is as best I can recall.

Dates under $100 cost a man 20* credits. And dates above $100 cost him 20% in WYP commissions and fees.

Dates under $50 cost 5 credits and anything between $50 and $99 cost 10 credits. [*As I proof read this I see my error right away but I am leaving it in because I don’t know whether the $50-99 dates cost 10 or 15 points.]

It gets really hard to figure out because the numbers above $100 get very odd. Moreover, the credit count almost never comes out even so that one is often short just 2 credits to make the date happen.

Then it’s like a merry-go-round one can not get off–without losing more value. Overall it’s a genius system designed well to enrich its owner and creator but it gets very frustrating.

One reason it gets frustrating is many of the women leave profiles up when they are no longer active. Certainly, a lot of the women on WYP are lovely but not all the profiles are honest.

My frustration occurs when a woman responds late, long after I have left her area. That happens a lot. I suggest WYP come up with a regional map of locations to help with that. That would be quite a feat in terms of making their data set more searchable.

Also, I find it sad that WYP changed a lot of their old search descriptors including eye color and hair color. I don’t know what to suggest to WYP on these; however, a racial descriptor might help.

I don’t give a damn about racial sensitivity. When it comes to pairing off I learned the hard way a long time ago that it is best to stick with one’s own kind for stability and longevity and happiness.

So, ladies, when you see that $100 sign keep in mind that it doubles the man’s expense. The same with that $50 threshold. You are demonstrating consideration and thoughtfulness and practicality and frugality when you notch your proposal down $1.

However, if the reason you are on WYP is for “validation” and to satisfy your ego, then by all means demand the highest price you can command. Just remember you might find a real keeper if you come in at a more realistic price.

I, for one, want enough money left to take you to the nicer place. Then again if you are that unrealistic it behooves one to find out sooner rather than later. Likewise, you can sort us out.

Things are changing and with the burgeoning MGTOW movement, men are becoming wiser. Many are leaving the field altogether and refusing to play your games. I suggest you treat us well and see the dividends possible from equitable treatment.

What’s Your Price Double Standard

Sadly, as much as females and institutions demand “equality” there is none. Key point is the ongoing war against free speech. The censorship prevails. Well, against men.

When I saw a cute description as to why a young woman’s favorite number is “88” I was so impressed I “borrowed” it. Then I got in trouble. Apparently, some female found it “offensive” and complained.

So, WYP took my profile or that section down or refused to allow it. It was long ago and I was rather hurt. After all, it was a cute saying generated by a woman and it appealed and is appealing to women in general.

I guess it gave me an unfair advantage but it was not “waycist.” It had nothing to do with the 14 words or anything White Supremacist.

What did she say?

It was her favorite number because you get eight twice!

That’s not exactly how she wrote it but I find myself censoring myself! I thought it was cute. And we all know most females are going to complain anyway! I suggest WYP ignore them.

What’s Your Price website Connections

If you are a woman on What’s Your Price you may indeed decided to search for information about the service or perhaps you saw my profile, figured out it was me and even decided to search for me. If so, I encourage you to contact me.

I have just gotten active once again on WYP and sometimes when I am typing in location I get an autofill error and the next thing I know I am looking at new faces thinking they are local but they are not. That happened recently and I was looking at lovely profiles hundreds of miles away.

Often I wished I could just get off a message freely. Giving a compliment or even encouragement or clarifying things. But that is not possible on WYP. Nor are refined searches or queries for more pictures or search by graphic map location possible on the website.

Nevertheless, if you are looking me up and researching me as most women do when sizing up a possible partner or just a new friendship, then by all means feel free to reach out to me. There is nothing more I like than a good conversation.

Well, unless I can have good food and good company at the same time–those three are my favorite things. Let me know your ideas, wants and needs. Let me know what you think.

Maybe you and your communication will inspire me to make the long trip so that we can meet and see how we connect. I am doing my best to remain available and wide open to possibilities. Feel free to email or to even call me.

What’s Your Price and Marriage and Prostitution

Sadly, all of our institutions and traditions are failing and under attack. Marriage because of our courts has been reduced to prostitution. How can a man enter into a contract in which the other party is rewarded for breeching that contract?

Marriage has become the modern slavery for and of men. There are no upsides for men in marriage.

Women do not enter into matrimony with honorable intentions. Most plan their “escape” and the booty they make off by spoiling the man! Before the engagement!

In contrast most prostitutes engage honorably. They specify the limits of the relationship and make. Well, not ‘no false promises’ but far fewer false promises than females entering marriage in order to exploit a man.

Then there is the What’s Your Price website. It’s almost most honorable that courting and marriage. Yet, it is also distasteful to many.

Any way you look at it females are over valuing themselves and undervaluing men and family! Most females think of “love” in terms of a weekly allowance for beauty salons, spas, nails, pedicures, hair coloring and the like.

When asked almost all women today will say that “love” looks like a weekly allowance and a lifestyle and with nary a mention of children, family, home. Since a woman will take half or more away from a man when she leaves, why bother with a state marriage license which requires so much in resources to dissolve? Especially when women file for divorce so readily because they think they can do “better” going out there again on the marital market?

The fact is, they can’t do better. Most do far, far worse. And the wake up call is real!

The website What’s Your Price has limitations. There is no way to communicate and clear things up as to what is expected and wanted. So, WYP gets gamey as well. But there are limits to the risk one takes.

Many young girls on WYP will toss out the maximum $500 offer for a date not realizing that the website collects a 20% commission. Plus, considering that far less than half of all date transactions fall through that $100 commission kicks up the true cost for that one date to more than $700. And you haven’t even gotten out of the door, paid for any gifts or any meals and drinks and whatever else one wants to do for the date.

Sorry girls, not one of you has anything to offer me that garners that much value! Imagine spending $1,000 on one date!

There are some girls who will meet for far less money but many of those are merely meeting in order to get a free meal and a tip. Few want to meet again. Most do not want to talk at length. All want to size a man up for what (resources) they can take from him and move on. Move on to the next target.

In California dating has become dangerous. A woman can sue for “palimony” and demand half of a man’s stuff making up all sorts of claims about marital intentions that never existed. How many dates can a man have in California with a woman before she can sue him? Upon the seventh date, which is nothing in the grand scheme of getting to know someone, she can go after his stuff.

So, the courts and feminists and our politicians and legislators have destroyed men and destroyed marriage. They’ve even destroyed children. By failing to consider the social science and doing what is best for the child and in the best interests of society, woman are automatically “awarded” custody and as a direct result we must build more penitentiaries!

So, tell me again: Why should man get married? Or even date a woman when our culture has become so unfair towards men?

Women are only beginning to see the outcomes and their losses. They can’t do better and they are so narcissistic and overvalue themselves that everything suffers–especially the children.

70% of boys reared by mother alone end up in our prisons while merely 6% of boys reared by father alone end up in prisons. Those are the stats for boys and boys only.

We don’t have the stats for girls but if we did I can assure you women might wake up and realize the damages they do and they would demand fathers take their daughters too and rear them. Why? Because more girls end up in prisons everyday as our society and culture deteriorate. This is not going to end well.

Fathers should automatically be awarded sole custody unless there is real cause not to do so. Men should be allowed to keep their assets so they may attract another wife. While these immature, narcissistic females who refuse to grow up should be allowed to walk and be free so that they might work on themselves and maybe make something good out of their lives.

I am not anti-female. I am against the abuse of men and the destruction of the family in order to satisfy selfish bitches. God bless the honorable and noble women who understand what real love looks like and value family and children and home. They are real gems. More valuable than rubies.

The Coming Tragedy

This is what I have been able to surmise and synthesize. Take it carefully and do not buy it all. I don’t know it all and I listen carefully to those more knowledgeable and intelligent than I.

It appears we have two to 11 years before the sun drops off in energy. It also appears the elite have dispensed their bioweapon with a lead time onset of a few weeks to two years.

The Schumann Resonance has been changing. It is approximately slightly over two full octaves over baseline. We have not been monitoring the Earth’s resonance for very long so we really do not know what this means. It could be a reflection of the consciousness of mankind. It could precede an “evolution” of species. However, it could also indicate and be a major irritant to the Earth of part of the land which has and will “spew you out when” when it is cursed with our violation of one of YHVH’s laws!

And it is a law which almost none of us know about! The Major Prophets warned about this TWICE in the Bible. Therefore, we have a double witness and it is an independent witness.

That law is and we in the USA & around the planet are violating this law left and right:

Once you put a woman out you are not to take her back in because that will pollute the land. That will curse the land and the land shall spew you out.

This is The Law that the Israelites broke that resulted in the invasions and removal of the people from the land. This is one of those laws or commands that we fail to recognize and we only realize they exist upon reading of them over and over. We need to observe and follow these commands.

Another example of this sort of secondary command is:

Love truth and justice.

Which is repeated over and over again and always in that order, at least in my original NIV Study Bible (1983). Why that order? Because without “truth” there can be no “justice.”

Note that truth is singular.

Note that Justice is never modified. The only time “social justice” is mentioned in the Bible is in certain study notes and margins. That is because there is no “social” justice or any other kind of justice such as “economic justice” or “racial Justice.” Why? Why not? Because “justice” is one of those pure concepts only occurs in its pure form. Justice is justice and any other modified justice is a miscarriage of pure, real, unadulterated justice.

Back to my original topic. We will find the sun and the Earth return to normal by 2052. 2050 should be fairly good as well. The problem is for at least two decades we are going to suffer global cooling and growing food is going to be problematic. So, staying warm as well as all of the other things that go along with survival will become problematic. Location will be even more important. Choosing an area that will be warm will be paramount.

Having water and being able to grow food will be important. Yet, what is it we are doing that might be irritating the situation?

What are we not doing?

Putting a woman out meant divorcing her. And we in the USA and the rest of Western Civilization are separating from our women then getting back together again. We “slip” back together and that leads to problems.

For a man it means accepting the shock of another man’s or other men’s aura’s (electrical force field that is the Soul) upon one’s wife! When a wife or former sex partner returns to a man with the imprint of an other sex partner or other lovers, she shocks him and it is an insult from which he can never recover!

So, YHVH in His infinite wisdom dictated through the prophets that once we divorced a woman and sent her out of the home, we were banned from taking her back. Yet, we do this all of the time and the women suffer from this as well.

It appears the Devil’s children are doing their work well. They have succeeded in getting us to offend YHVH and transgress His laws once again!

Men, the most important thing to take away is that once your lover have been with another man, any other man, she is no longer good for you. Leave her alone. Stay away. Women, I shall address you later because you have a much more difficult balancing act to accomplish and you do not want to listen anyway.

YHVH is about to judge us and it will be harsh. We are at the ends of several cycles spanning 200,000 years and we are right on time according to the precessional clock for a magnetic excursion. This means a shift in the crust and any shift no mater how minute is a major catastrophe.

Grid Down Next?

My big concern and this is the concern of a lot of folks is the electrical grid going down permanently. We’ve got folks who are going deeply into the archeological record and into real science. Then we have warnings about an international rehearsal drill on the same thing. Plus, we have the sun coming out of a recent cycle and throwing of huge Corona Mass Ejections–CME’s–just two days ago that would have destroyed the surface of the Earth except those were on the side of the sun opposite Earth.

The ancient historical records supports these extinction events and the processional clock, which mirrors an “Iron Cross” also predicts that we are on the time line for a magnetic field excursion.

The worst part is the practice “drill.” Why? Because those rehearsal drills have a habit of going “live!”

Such was the case in Dallas when the CIA knocked off JFK, in New York City when the Twin Towers were in a controlled demolition, and in the onset of the COVID-19 “plandemic” when the rehearsal drill entitled “Event 201” launched the real hoax! And the excuse for the deployment of their biological weapons including “The Jab.”

When are the people going to wake up and realize that these “drills” should be banned because they provide cover for the real thing and help obfuscate the facts and their discovery?

If these jackals who are the front men for the real powers hidden behind the scenes are allowed to “rehearse” a grid down scenario. If they are permitted to “drill” the end of electricity, it may well happen!

Notice that it is not the political class of jackass that is conducting these phony “drills” but the bureaucracy. Not only do the people have no control over this government, the politicians do not have control over this government as well.

Moreover, those with the control are those institutions and departments that are the most unconstitutional! We don’t have to reinvent the wheel; we don’t have to develop a new form of government.

We merely have to return to the original structure our Founders gave US! We only have to cut large agencies and institutions that were added since the Original 13th Amendment was fully ratified.

By doing so we preserve the Separation of Powers and, moreover, we put the attorneys in their place! That’s right. By fully enforcing the amendment and declaring the rest void and out of order, we structurally return to a sound Constitutional government.

Nothing less will suffice.

When the attorneys complain, and they will, we simply tell the BAR attorneys what they have been dictating to the rest of US for more than two centuries:

Ignorance of the law is no defense.

And we hold them fully accountable.

Most of you reading this will not understand the full implications of this strategic intervention. Nevertheless, it is the only way to restore the Republic.

Let me repeat:

This is the only way to restore the Republic.

There are a lot of technical difficulties to work through and there is a tremendous amount of work to be done. But, first, let’s straight jacket this bloated illegal unconstitutional federal COMMUNIST government and bury all of the CORPORATIONS.

Let’s make it a crime to hold a “drill.” Any “drill.” And stop them from getting away with murder!

The Truth about COVID-19 and our own Government!

The truth is finally breaking out. We know for a fact that COVID-19 never existed, especially as a “novel” virus! We know that the real weapon is The Jab and that its primary poison or toxic substance is difficult to nail down because the pharmaceutical companies have been adjusting changing their “vaccines” as they go.

Thanks to the amazing work of Dr. David Martin we now know without any doubt that these “vaccines” were weapons developed by our Federal Government and in particular by DARPA! Our own Defense Agency Research Projects Agency!

By now we, the American people, all know that we have no control over our own government. More importantly, there is no way to fix this through politics. There is no solution at the ballot box. Ultimately, all Americans realize that there is NO RULE OF LAW in the USA and there is so justice possible.

Not through the courts and certainly not in any public discourse! We can’t even talk about this! We can not debate. We can not get any good facts. Every government agency and all professions are controlled from the top down, all centrally controlled.

So, the problem becomes one of what we can do about it. Since we can not use our law enforcement. We can not use our courts. We can not rely upon our vast military. Then what can we do?

The elite, including Trump, want to reduce US to fighting among ourselves and I mean they really want to see brutality. The elite are working together to reduce US to brutal beasts. Yet, the only way to defend our lives is to be brutal.

Brutally honest with one another.

I suggest boycotting and fasting on a scale that brings down this rotten establishment. More importantly, we need to attack the Totalitarian Judeopathy and this requires all Americans lean upon the “good” Jews to clean up their own ranks.

I doubt that is going to work unless the good Jews join US against the bad Jews and lead US in fulfilling the prophecy of Obadiah. It is the shortest book in the Old Testament and it says clearly that YHVH Father God is going to “kindle” us [enrage us] to the point that we sons of Jacob burn out the “Edomites” in a true holocaust.

I assert that Edom pulled a hoax, a Holohaux, intentionally to psychologically paralyze us in order that we might not fulfill the word of YHVH in The Book of Obadiah.

Indeed, Edom has remained hidden among the Good Jews since approximately 143 BC when John Hycannus conquered the Middle East and ordered the Edomites at Mt. Seir to become circumcised and worship the one true God as the Israelites did or be killed. As a direct result the tares intermingled with the wheat.

By the time Yahshua Jesus was born the Edomites had so thoroughly integrated themselves and taken over that Herod the Great became governor of Israel. Herod was an “Idumean” which is the Greek term for an “Edomite.”

So, brace yourselves. Edom now rules the world and has embedded itself in almost all governments around the world. Edom is in the mountains and it is time those mountains fell. Mountains are governments.

If you want to know who Edom is in the world today, download and read freely the book I have uploaded among the tabs at the beginning of this blog page entitled “Who is Esau-Edom” by the late Charles Wiseman.

If you want to know the history and origins of Edom then read the Bible. The Canaanites were descended from Cain. Cain was not Adam’s son but he was Eve’s son by a fallen angel named Gadreel as near as I am able to discern.

Gadreel was present with Eve when YHVH addressed Eve and Eve answered YHVH. However, Gadreel was wise and remained silent in Genesis 3:15. Please see my earlier post about the Original Sin earlier to discover who is to blame.

The Value of a Woman

The value of a woman peaks at age 22. Here in part is how:

Recent studies show that women lose their ability to bond after several sex partners. They override their natural chemistry and lose the ability to bond.

It is my guess from years of experience and leaning upon the wisdom of the Bible and of the East, it appears the magic number is FIVE. After 5 sex partners a woman can no longer bond to a man.

She may want to bond but like a drug addict it is a decision she will have make and remake all throughout the rest of her life. My recommendation is that a woman sets a goal to be married by the age of 22 and to limit her number of sex partners to two or three.

If she wants to get “full value” she needs to marry early and young. Why? Because her “market value” will never be higher and her value rapidly declines during that one decade. [By age 32 it is over. She is at best half as fertile.]

Moreover, there is only one thing a woman can give a man. That is her youth. And for this a man will give everything. He will even sacrifice himself like Adam did for for Eve.

Feminist Psychology Destroyed Western Civilization

Moreover, feminism must be recognized as the strongest force on the earth. Sadly, the American woman in her ignorance and narcissism destroyed America and she tore down her own home with her own hands!

What is the cure? What is the antidote?

Well, let them have their way and I assure you the Muslims will teach them! Why should we defend these feminists and these females when they have created a totally unbalanced and unfair world. A world in which men do not have any equity.

Leave the females alone. Let the Muslims have them. I assure you that the Muslims are not going to take the same excrement we American men have been taking!

The Original Sin was not on Adam. Nor was it on Eve although it was Eve who was deceived and [Eve] became a deceiver! The Original Sin was on the fallen angels and the Big Lie from the pulpits is that Adam was to blame.

The name of that particular satanic fallen angel was Gadlean or Gadlien. From it we got the name “ghad” or “gahd” or “gawd” or “god” or “God.” This fallen angel fathered Cain and from Cain we got all of the devil’s children–literal DNA offspring!

Women have blamed Adam. Pastors, lying pastors have been blaming Adam. Even my big brothers who have read the Bible longer than I have accuse and blame Adam. Heck, Adam loved his wife so much that he elected to stick around and stay with her and accept her fate. Now, that’s not “blame.” That’s loyalty.

But what about American women today? Do we remain “loyal” to them? How can we! When American women destroy American men every chance they get.

They don’t play fair. They don’t fight fair. They are not fair yet they are regarded as the fairer gender. The American female has dominated, ruled and misled.

I will not defend them. They have become depraved and unruly. They have made their beds. Now let them sleep in it. ALONE!