The End of the Democrat Party

How I wish we could end the Democrat Party AND the Republican Party! We need a complete reset and there is only one route for America to go. I am speaking successively.

The only thing we can do is DESTROY the current federal government and return to the structure the Founders gave us. We have no choice. We will never agree on anything else other than this return to self rule and a complete overhaul of the legislative branch.

What form this takes is simple: Either we return to the Original 13th Amendment for The Separations of Powers and eliminate all the subsequent amendments. There is more to it than that but without my strategic intervention which was inspired by author Eustace Mullins from Virginia I predict the following:

The Republican Party will absolutely fail the country. The Republicans will do this by failing to enforce the laws equally. Without the rule of law America will devolve to an anarchistic animal state in which receiving nukes would be merciful.

Both parties, actually ALL PARTIES in America are guilty of this: None prioritizes America first! All are Israel first! It’s time we realize that Israel controls our nation and has been in control before Israel was founded!

With the creation of the Federal Reserve the fate of our nation was sealed and we became a vassal state beholding to outside interests. Beholding to the money changers.

These bastards have been undermining America since before our inception. What we need is honesty. The Bible commands one to love truth and justice, in that order. Why in that order? Because without truth there can be no justice.

We have no truthful history. We have been enslaved by a minority which has worked manifold schemes to bind the giant and capture the giant.

We don’t even have a truthful Bible! Our churches were used to take us hostage. The only freedom will come at out own hands–by sitting on our derrieres and ready the Bible to full comprehension.

Our pastors lie! Isaiah foretold of this almost three millennia ago. The corporate churches have all been marginalized. The seminaries have taught a political agenda for eons. Even major figures were enemies in seats of power and influence who have misguided huge numbers.

What can you do? What each of us must do is read the Bible for ourselves and understand what it says. And what it does not say.

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As you know the Biden Administration has sanctioned Belarus along with Russia. We will never produce and print Bibles this cheap again. Under current circumstances I expect prices to be increased immediately.

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More Earth Cycles Discovered & Health Warnings

This morning Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObsevers on YT brought our attention to a study which showed a 700,000 year cycle with a 23,000 year cycle contained therein. Truly, our Earth vibrates and there are many many more cycles to be discovered.

While the Earth’s magnetic field wanes there is concern for heart health. If you have any sort of heart condition be gentler upon yourself. The largest & most intense magnetic field emanating from a human body is from the human heart!

So, as the magnetic field of the Earth declines be careful. Be cautious. Be gentler on yourself and on others. In the Bible this is the End Time (of just another Earth cycle and not the end of the Earth!) and the Bible says men’s hearts will fail them.

This is the end of an Earth Age and not the End of the Earth.

Does this mean utterly fail and men die or does it mean that men’s feelings will fail them? What does it mean?

Clearly, the Bible forewarned us and hopefully we are forearmed enough to pull through and survive this transition. Certainly, man has survived many such Earth Ages in the past.

Read the Bible. It’s all in there.

The Success of the Elite (and the Walking Dead)

I have been trying to figure out in short order a catchy and accurate title for this post but I am unable to do it. In a nutshell last evening I figured out that the elite have succeeded in reaching their goal of reducing the population of the USA to its original projection of merely 69 Million in 2025.

Deagel, the website, originally had a projection of 69 Million in approximately 2010 then took those projections down. Later, Deagel changed it to 99 Million. Perhaps that was to hide their genocidal intentions or to confuse people. However, last night I heard that approximately 260 Million Americans have taken the “clot shot.” That leaves approximately 69 Million of US who have not taken it.

One of the elite in Europe when asked about the inside dope said, ‘It’s simple. Within 10 years they will all be dead. If you want to know how much time a man has left merely take a blood smear on a slide and look at it under a microscope. Then count the percentage of anomalies (blood clotting and deformations) and estimate the percentage of those defects observed. If the defect rate is 50% then he has only 50% of the 10 years remaining. Deduct 5 years. If there are only 20% malfunctioning then deduct 2 years and within 8 years he’ll be dead.’

There are treatments to counteract the horrid kill shots. I don’t know what they are but some people are going to make a lot of money off helping people overcome and reverse the mistake they made.

So, if 260 Million are walking dead then that leaves approximately 69 Million remaining (alive) a decade later (after the shots) out of 339 Million people. Thus, we have been defeated in a bio-war waged by the elites and the ChiComs and the communists and all. That includes the communists and the Zionists who who reside among us. It involves both Democrat and Republican leadership. All of the Media and Big Tech.

The Real Great Reset

Our sun is no longer yellow. It was yellow all of my life and my life has been long by modern standards–almost 70 years. Our sun is now WHITE and may be going blue. Is this the Hopi “Blue Kachina?”

This change in our sun has resulted in a change in our magnetic field. I estimate that the earth’s magnetic field is now at 75% of her usual strength and it is falling.

The poles, both north and south, have shifted. the magnetic poles continue to move towards each other.

Last week the earth set a record for the shortest day and the fastest rotation ever. That record will be broken again and very soon.

At some point the inner layer of the earth is going to become a lubricant and allow the earth’s crust to slip. There is a great likelihood that we will have a repeat of what the artwork that the ancient ones left on the rocks warning us.

This is The Great Reset and it has nothing to do with Klaus Schwab the Rothschild. This Great Reset is not man made. In fact, man has nothing to with it. It is not anthropomorphic.

From what I can tell within 20-30 years our sun is going to go micronova and in a day the earth will shift massively resulting in a world wide catastrophe that will effect every man. I am still researching and this is what I can tell you.

In as little one day the earth’s crust will shift wildly and it will shift back. Nothing will remain the same and another ice age will have begun.

I like to think good things about people and I’d like to think good things about our government. But then, one must ask “which” government?

Has our government been preparing for us while keeping it secret? Has the government been preparing places for us? Do they have a place for me? For my dog? Is this their excuse for stealing from us blowing up the money supply off the books (counterfeiting) in order to fund their cavernous project? Or is it carnivorous?

A past CIA director said the CIA will have done its job when nothing the American people believes is true. So, what is the truth? Who can tell the truth? What kind of government is this that deceives?

The CIA even corrupted the science by which we could know about our sun and our history. The CIA planted their agent at Columbia University and he single-handedly destroyed the credibility of an entire body of science so that we would not know.

The ancients warned us of what we are facing. They left records carved upon rocks and painted in caves. Some are very ornate. Our sun is going to throw snakes of massive lightening bolts to the earth. We are going to see giant plasma displays in our atmosphere. There is a good chance we are going to have go underground again.

Even the Bible has such scenes codified throughout the Bible. From the sun spots, to the sun not rising, to the sun standing still and even the sun rising on the west as I saw in the beginning of a vision–one can piece together a great calamity.

But is it a “calamity?” The earth has been designed to “recycle” itself and reclaim her natural state. Man entertains so much evil that perhaps a great reset of such a catastrophic magnitude will be a blessing. It certainly will stop the evil ones from destroying the planet and makes their current ongoing world wide genocide pointless.

Or does it? What is the point of killing everyone if the earth’s natural 10-12,000 year cycle will do it?

My advice to the common man is to be gentle on yourself. Don’t rush to rash action. The drop in the magnetic field is effecting the animals and we are observing the (wild) effects. This drop in magnetism also effects men. It acts upon the amygdala–the tiny pair of almond shaped structures (two) in the brain that mediate fear and rage and even cause paranoia.

So avoid conflicts. People have been going crazy and they are going to become even crazier! Do your best to keep yourself grounded.

Remember what Yahshua the Messiah (whom you call Jesus Christ) said on more than one occasion to his followers: “Hold your ground and be not deceived.”

Hold your ground and be not deceived.

The End of an Earth Age and the Rebirth of the Earth

The Evil Ones who own & run this planet know about the immediate catastrophe and have been superimposing their brainwashing (deceiving) the World.

They are the descendants of those who have survived many such “Earth Ages,” perhaps over the last 70,000 years. They major in poisons so that is why their craft (modern medicine) is so “advanced.”

The antidote and the cures for all of this are in the Bible. Much is encoded in the Bible. We have only a short time to see the Bible prophecies fulfilled and I am confident all shall be fulfilled in the short time ahead.

The Evil One and his children have known about this for a long time. So, they are able to get away with their “Global Warming” also known as “Climate Change” hoax.

This time will be different from previous Earth Ages and the Evil One and his children have no idea what is coming. Nevertheless, they have had access to all of the history books and the old maps and advanced technologies.

Fallen Angelic Technologies

Still, I hold to the coming High Holy Days of ancient Israel. I know that America is the new Israel. Most have no idea that Jesus (Yahshua) was not a Jew but an Israelite.

America is a Great Israelite Nation.

The three and a half years begins tomorrow with the Earth’s rotation accelerating and it will the shortest day in approximately 12,000 years. The inner layers of the Earth are moving towards the surface. The inner layers will act as lubricants and allow the crust to slip.

Three and One-half Years

The Evil Ones have dug in and plan upon surviving this end of this Earth Age to begin again. Those devils will once again predate upon others and do the same thing only worse!

Only this time things will be different.

The Earth Groans for her Saviors.

–In His Service

My Experience with Covid-19

The short account is that my experience from getting ill twice leads me to conclude that the entire medical profession is tainted. Moreover, that the common cold was a weapons program developed over a period much longer than my lifetime. More importantly, that the Covid-19 is a toxin and not a mere virus.

Clearly, there are more questions than answers and until the medical community opens up dialogue the entire allopathic medical system must be regarded as corrupt, hostile and active participants in a world genocide program launched from our shores!

Genocide launched from the United States of America.

Moreover, we are the victims of at least 40 years of vaccine fraud. Even your “savior” Trump is implicated in this horrid affair that has taken many lives in America and across the globe.

Your “savior” President Trump is implicated.

Sadly, the average man is too stupid to realize what is going on. A lot more will die before this is over. Some estimate as much as 55% of the world’s population will succumb to this planned criminal genocide first involving the Red Chinese ChiComs then Big Pharma with its “vaccines” that do not meet the long held definition, legally or scientifically, for a vaccine!

40 years of vaccine fraud.

The Greatest Depression has Begun

Last week the European Central Bank announced that the ECB would be employing “emergency tools” in order to stop the debt market from “fragmenting.” Immediately thereafter the 10 year yield on the Bond Market dropped a whopping 30 basis points overnight.

As Dr. Gregory Mannarino astutely observed this is not due to the average investor buying the debt in such massive amounts as required to cause the 10 year yield to drop from 3.50% to 3.20%.

That was the Federal Reserve System (FRS) intervening in a major way to buy the debt that no one wants to buy. In my estimation that “intervention” last week was the FED’s last attempt. Moreover, in order to accomplish bailing out the Bond Market which is significantly larger than the Stock Market, the FED had to increase the Money Supply overnight by a factor of 2x’s or 3x’s.

In other words, the FED issued as much or more (fiat) money into existence in one fell swoop than was already in existence in the entire (fiat) money supply! This means that we will eventually experience inflation that doubles all prices. Expect food costs to double by the end of this year.

The US Dollar will lose half of its value.

With that one quiet (secret) intervention the FED has sealed our fate and begun The Greatest Depression ever. It was the final straw, the straw that broke the camel’s back. That event one week ago is the last straw. The FED has no more tricks up its sleeves.

It’s over. The great American experiment is over. The international bankers have made their father proud. They have stolen everything and ‘the gentiles get nothing’ just like Nathan Mayer Rothschild (Bauer) admonished his sons on his death bed!

Inflation is a made up word to cover up their


Lessons from the Ukraine

What are the lessons we can learn from the Ukraine? There are many lessons and there is no way that one may exhaust them.

They are playing “Jew and NAZI” in the Ukraine and it is eye opening! The most important lesson is that we in the USA are funding all sides! The paramount lesson is that our media are totally controlled!

President George Washington

Can we in the USA finally learn to mind our own business? Can we in the USA finally learn the lesson our very first President gave us? To avoid “foreign entanglements?”

I don’t think so. In fact, I am confident things are going to get worse. Why? Because it is written in the Bible.

Moreover, that Biological weapon we’ve all been blaming on the ChiComs? It turns out it is more attributable, far more attributable to our own US Army! Just like the “Spanish Flu” this was given to us by our US Army.

The Spanish Flu

The only differences are the “Spanish Flu” escaped a biological facility at Fort Riley, Kansas. It was designed to cause pneumonia much like this Covid SARS Bioweapon. Face masks were required in each–both back then, the last two years and even now.

What I do not know is whether the “treatment” was also a Bioweapon just like these mRNA Bioweapon “vaccines.” At this point I am wondering if the entire history of the common cold and flu were actually biological weapons programs against the American people.

What we do know is we funded this illegal Zerenski government in the Ukraine. We also funded the illegal Bioweapons Labs inside the Ukraine. Furthermore, we also funded these neo-NAZI paramilitary groups such as the Asmov brigade inside Khazaria–oops–I mean the Ukraine.

Looking at the patches of all three paramilitary groups (or brigades) which Mr. Putin identified as “NAZI” groups, I see incorporated in each the symbol of ancient militant Khazaria! The symbol of Khazaria appears as a tiny part of their unit patches and on their flags. It resembles an inverted “M” or something akin to two wings or swords. More likely swords as the Khazarians loved war.

So, we have “Jews and NAZI’s” inside of the Ukraine. It’s kind of like “Cowboys & Indians” except far more sinister. Even in Hilter’s Germany we had good figs and bad figs fighting among themselves to represent the Jews in Germany.

A thorough reading of Edwin Black’s “The Transfer Agreement” documented the fact that the “bad figs” (or the bad Jews) were willing to murder the “good figs” (or the good Jews) in order to dominate and come out on top. Those were the Zionists and this Rothschild backed group went on to found (steal) “the Promised Land.”

And, yes, the bad figs such as George Soros incarcerated their fellow Jews. Moreover, the Zionists manned the concentration camps in which their fellow Jews, those who loved Germany and being German, were oppressed and murdered!

My advice: Stay out of Khazaria also known as the Ukraine. Let’s clean up our own house and rid the USA government of all dual citizens, whether Israeli dual citizens (Israeli duals) or any other person in our government at any level who holds any “dual citizenship.”

We need to remove any and all, each and every “dual citizen” from owning any media in the USA. We can no longer trust these “dual citizens” whose loyalty may be divided.

The Original 13th Amendment

We need to reclaim the Original 13th Amendment and expand it with legislation to bar anyone of Jewish origin (and/or anyone with any type of “dual citizenship”) to occupy certain positions and professions just like was done in the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire was the longest lasting nation and it coexisted with the Jews by limiting the positions and professions that the Jews were allowed to occupy and work.

The Byzantine Empire

It may appear “antisemitic” but the Jews are not Semites. More importantly, this is the action that must be taken for survival of our nation and in order to reclaim our Republic.


The Byzantine Empire lasted 1,100 years. According to author Eustace Mullins it was the longest lasting nation upon the earth–at least during this earth age. The Byzantine Empire survived by limiting the Jews as to what occupations they could have.

America survived to varying degrees depending upon one’s criteria. Certainly, with the inception of the Civil War we lost our Jeffersonian Republic and got stuck with a Lincolnian Republic which was no Republic at all!

Author Alexandre Solzhenitsyn wrote a book entitled “Two Hundred Years Together” which has not yet been fully translated in English. It was an historical account of living with the Jews.

Jew Maurice Samuel wrote in 1954:

“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”

— Maurice Samuel

In closing I want to remind you that it is not the Jews who are the problem but “those who say they are Jews and are not.” Yahshua tells us twice in Revelations (2:9, 3:9) that these are not from Judea but are of the “synagogue of Satan.”

The Khazars stole their identity just like they stole all of their victim’s identities. The Khazars are not descendants of Israel the man or of Abraham. Rather, the Khazars were a Turkish-Mongolian people who converted to Judaism circa 700 AD.

Today the Khazars hide behind and among the Jews. The Khazars use the Jews as human shields.

Arizona Election Fraud Persists

The midterm election this year 2022 will be fraught with fraud just like the 2020 election. Adrian Fontes set up procedures during the 2016 election which resulted in election fraud back then. Since then the election fraud has only gotten worse. Arizona has some of the dumbest legislators in the world!

Arizona is best regarded as a “territory” and not a state. Arizona State Government is so corrupt that there is NO HOPE for either their State or the nation as a whole!

Three Arizona officials are guilty of treason and they are responsible for Biden taking the President’s office under fraudulent circumstances. One in particular, the Attorney General has been purposely not doing his job. He should be arrested and placed in jail held without bond.

Mark Brnovich (D) has been dragging his feet purposely in a partisan manner designed to deny justice to Arizonans regarding their vote. Brnovich has delayed and denied justice. Should he even be allowed to practice law?

And the current State legislators are guilty of denying the will of the electorate as well. Two republicans refuse to correct the errant practices which led to fraudulent election results. Clearly, the electorate is not in charge of our nation–at either the State level or the Federal level!

Manipulated into Another War

We are being manipulated into another war. This is scripted and it is so easy to discover their scripting that it is insane. There is no reason for another war.

True, Putin has an “incursion” into the Ukraine. Putin’s incursion is absolutely necessary for the defense of Russia since the USA can not be trusted to take care of matters properly. Moreover, the enemy of mankind and the planet is working both sides!

What we have today is the Beast System. We are Babylon. All of Western Civilization has been taken over the the Devil & his children. Quite literally the ancient aliens so well described in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament which many call the Parchments.

Putin and the Russians have never practiced a “scorched earth” campaign. The Russians always go in slowly and they conduct both diplomacy & war together. The Russians want to “pacify” the people and when the Russians withdraw they always want the local people to police & manage themselves.

In comparison & contrast when the Americans go in, we blow up everything. We fail to work with the locals, and when we withdraw there is chaos and the people hate the Americans. They resent US greatly.

The Beast System

This is because we have had a retarded State Department for at least a full century! Why is this? Because the State Department is chocked full of real communists! We, the United States of America, have been taken over from within and we’ve become the Beast System in the Bible!

We are a continuation of Rome and the Romans. We are not the home of the free and the land of the brave. We, the USA has spread communism everywhere we have been! Look at southeast Asia. Look at Eastern Europe. It is America and her policies guided by the Khazarian Mafia that sacrificed Eastern Europe to the communists. It was our State Department guided by the Khazarian Mafia that abandoned mainland China to the Red Communists!

The Khazarian Mafia launched their troops from New York into Russia to usurp the Russian Revolution with their October Surprise. We, America did that to Russia. We sent over that Bolshevik Revolution. Such a thing should never have been allowed to be planned, launched and controlled from our shores, from Manhattan.

So, don’t buy this war. Don’t buy their war. The Khazarians are working both sides. The Khazars work ALL sides! Moreover, the Khazarians control our Mainstream Media. The Khazars have a stranglehold on America!

Blessed are the peacemakers.

We can only win this situation by embracing peace and holding our ground. We can not do this without the help and guidance of our Father Creator Yahweh.

Do not be deceived and hold your ground.

Yahshua the Messiah whom you misguided folks call Jesus Christ warned us Himself twice in the Bible (which is called a “Double Witness” in the Bible meaning God wants us to pay attention to this and learn): Do not be deceived and hold your ground.

The Way

The Faith of Our Fathers

Hold your ground means both hold onto your convictions, hold onto your faith, hold onto the Way AND defend yourself. You must adhere firmly to the faith of our fathers and you must defend yourself and the ground upon which you are standing.