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Gettysburg and the Coming Revolution

As I watch the PBS specials (with all of their propaganda) and contemplate the coming revolution to restore our nation and bring peace to the entire world, I realize most of us are ignorant or worse–we have wrong ideas about history and what has occurred.  That is sad but that is the reality.

The Bible is very clear that all will return to their own land.  There is no discernible method to this; nevertheless, God is very clear that there will be an exodus out of the north that will be so massive people will no longer talk about the exodus out of Egypt.  And God makes it clear each person has his own land, his own country.

Yet, our leaders in America insist we import everyone under the sun into America.  They worship the false god of “diversity” not realizing they are sealing their fates and forcing the revolution that will kill them and drive them out of office forever.

We have made the mistake of allowing the Bible to be interpreted for us by evil men who work for the enemy.  We have allowed the enemy to take over our churches and to teach another Christ–the anti-christ.  So, we have the spirit of Cain running rampant in America and people ask, “How can this be?”  “Why do we have so much trouble today?”

The answer is obvious: We have turned our backs on God!  Moreover, we have become the God of Israel’s enemies!  And if we read carefully, we will be fully informed that God will wield His “sword,” His “bolt of lightening” against “His enemies,” “those who HATE Him.” (emphasis added)

And what is the original word for God’s sword of lightening?  What is the Hebrew word for God’s weapon He uses?  None other than BARAQ!

That’s right!  “Barack Hussein Obama” is God’s chosen man to destroy America!

The enemy and their CIA have chosen “Barry Sotero’s” new name with great care.  They read the Bible while we do not!  However, the enemy and their CIA and their agent “enemy combatant” Barack Hussein Obama have been selected by God to do His will.  But they don’t know it.

He is an illegal alien in the country illegally.  Obama is NOT an American citizen and occupies the White House illegally.

Just like the Devil.  He does God’s will but doesn’t know it.

I have hope people in America will wake up, realize who they are (Israelites) and read the Bible.  Nothing short of the Holy Spirit can save our country.  I am just not sure what God’s will for America is.

What do you think God’s will is for America?