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Map of Israel’s Migrations into Europe

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The big map tells the story.  Israelites migrated, generally speaking, in three large waves into Europe across the Caucasas Mountains.  The lost tribes of Israel never were lost.  At least not to the God of Israel; rather they have forgotten who they are as part of their punishment.

Why is this important?

Read this:


It will help you understand The Big Picture and you can begin to understand why the enemy is throwing the beasts of the earth against US to destroy US.

Bertrand Comparet “Your Heritage” Free PDF Download



Right click upon the link above and download a copy to your computer.

No free PDF file or any open posting on the Internet contains the maps contained in the original hard copy. Those are necessary in my opinion because they drive home the location of the Israelite captivity and prove the Israelite dispersions into Europe and the world!

The Israelites are not lost and never were.  Instead, we forgot who we are–just like the prophet said was part of our 2,540 years of punishment.  That period of punishment ended the year of our Declaration of Independence.  Now, however, we are in the time of “Jacob’s trouble.”

If you want a hard copy, send me $10 for this wonderful 51 page booklet. It contains a very accurate and succinct synopsis of the history of the House of Judah and the House of Israel.