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Where’s the Vagina?

There was a phrase made famous in a TV commercial, “Where’s the beef?”

While the world heaps accolades upon Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner for his courage in going public with his sex change operation, the whole thing stinks of hysteria. Hysteria on the part of Bruce Jenner to be the center of attention and hysteria on the part of the public as famous people fall all over each other trying to beat the other at coming up with the best politically correct accolades.

But, there is a problem.

Bruce aka Caitlyn is NOT a woman. And if the public were to see nude photos of Bruce they would be absolutely abhorrent!

Bruce is not a transgendered individual yet. Bruce is a freak!

So, you meet this drop dead gorgeous amazon of a woman in excellent athletic condition. You strike up a conversation. Buy her a drink. Start the minor chit chat trying to feign instant intimacy because you want to get into her pants. You want to get laid.

It seems simple. Sex. With a larger than normal woman. She can’t have that many men after here eager to engage in sex, right? But there’s a catch.

You depart the bar, get in your car and go to one of your homes. As you slide your hand down into her panties, you discover a penis! Perhaps it’s flaccid or maybe it’s, ghast, erect!


Now, what are you going to feel? What is your next thought? How to disappear?

The fact is Bruce has not had surgery to have his penis skinned and reversed and shoved back into his pubic cavity to make a vagina. So, we have a freak. A full fledged freak.

Part female and part male but really neither!

Bruce aka Caitlyn has admitted he/she has never had sex with a male but only with females. “It” has also said “it” has not had surgery to remove his penis. I proffer that should the public see nude photos fully exposing “her” penis as it is now, the average person would reel in horror. Since Bruce is declaring he is a woman, this begs the question:

Where’s the vagina?