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There is No Global Warming; Only the Sun Controls Life on Earth

All life on earth and the earth’s weather are dependent totally upon our sun and its magnetic field.  It has nothing to do with carbon!

Right now the sun’s magnetic field has weakened and will continue to decline.  This results in weather extremes and we need to end the hoax of “global warming” or “climate change.”

We are totally dependent upon our sun.  There is nothing we an do except store up food and energy sources which are primarily carbon based.  We need cheap energy and we need to prepare to deal with extreme cold as contrasted to extreme heat.  We shall have both but cold temperatures kill people.

Man Made Climate Change is NOT a Lie!

Climate change is real.  The problem is the cause of climate change.  The real cause is Man Made.  It is anthropomorphic.  But it is due to this illegal geoengineering and weather modification.

It really is time to expose the real terrorists and their bioterrorism before they entirely kill the planet.  At the current rate, life on earth will be significantly extinguished within four years.  That’s 4 years.

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