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The NSA and other Federal Agencies Spy on Dr. Kent

The NSA and other federal agencies that are extra-constitutional (meaning they are unconstitutional) continue to record my conversations and I don’t like it.  There is nothing to learn by listening in on my personal conversations; nevertheless, the fact my phone calls are being recorded indicates that I have stumbled onto something or some things the elites do not want us to know about!

Our keepers, our masters do not want me telling people to read and keep reading the Bible.  They do not want the truth to be known about them.

For one, the New Word Order folks also read the Bible; moreover, the evil one uses the Bible as a play book.  They actually play by the rules and follow the outline in the Bible!

For example in Deuteronomy 28 the “curses for disobedience” to the Ten Commandments are laid out.  One of those is that we shall eat the flesh of our children and that is exactly what the evil ones have been doing!


Ever since Roe versus Wade, the Supreme Court decision that foisted off abortion on the States, the evil ones have been shipping fetal tissue to France where has been processed into cosmetics so that our women, especially our wealthy, can put dead infant tissue on their faces!

Fetal tissues from our murdered children in the womb are used in vaccines thereby being injected into our bodies literally changing our own DNA!  And specific tissue has been diverted into our food supply so we are literally EATING THE FLESH OF OUR DEAD CHILDREN!  Case in point, the renal tissue from females is used in flavoring popular soft drinks and millions drink those dead bodies every day!