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Dr. Kent Show December 31, 2017


Motor Vehicle Accident t-boned, wide open throttle.

Arizona Department of Corrections Director Chuck Ryan.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

Inmate deaths and cover ups due to “medication errors.”

Fraudulent Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP).

I named all participants.  I am injured and not getting better.  I am in too much pain to detail all of the names mentioned.

Heavenly Father commands all to love truth and justice many times in the parchments.  Here is the truth.  Truth is requisite to justice!

Kudos to the Phoenix Police

For capturing that man, most likely an illegal alien, who shot that DPS office in the face two weeks ago.  While it is indeed great news to hear that officer will recover 100% from his wounds, I am just glad no more officers were injured in the man hunt and capture of this male who had the audacity to shoot an Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer in the face during a traffic stop.

Thanks to the Phoenix Police Department for a job well done!

Sirs, my hat is off to you!


Dr. Kent