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The ONE program which must be stopped is FOOD STAMPS!

Greater than 48% of all Food Stamps go to Crimmigrants and recipients sell so many illegally that we need to abolish the program.

Black youths are playing the KNOCK OUT GAME because they “are bored.” Let them work if they want to eat!


Food Stamps were begun during the Kennedy Administration to bolster the costs of food staples; hence, Food Stamps were not welfare for the people but welfare for corporations!

Since Food Stamps increase the costs of food artificially and since there is so much theft and fraud, we need to completely eliminate the Food Stamp program and allow food costs to be market driven rather than artificially kept high by the Federal Government.

The “Electronic Benefit Transfer” Program (EBT) needs to be stopped. Black youth are too idle and as a result they commit crimes. It is time to cease the EBT Program!

If you don’t work, you don’t eat!

Let’s “Knock Out” the Food Stamp Give-Away and require young Black men to work if they want to eat!

Ditching Verizon after Discovering Verizon Opens All Email Upon Behalf of NSA

Recently, a brilliant friend discovered his email was all being opened by one server and it was one of Verizon’s computers.  Verizon is doing this upon behalf of both the NSA spying on US citizens and to promote targeted advertising–neither of which are acceptable.

When my contracts run out this December, that’s it.  And I will never use Verizon again since they are spying upon all of their customers upon behalf of this out-of-control federal government that is loaded to the gills with communists and Marxist extremists.

We can no longer trust Verizon and it has been a mistake to trust any and all of the major cell phone companies.  They have all been doing this spying upon behalf of the federal government all along.  Moreover, all the cell phone companies and larger corporate web service providers have been violating our privacy in order to sell our information to advertising companies from their inception.

If Sheriff Joe can’t profile criminals, then why should cell phone companies be allowed to profile their paying customers?