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More Amazon Head Fake (Lies)

Last time was the first time I bought the red hardback KJV of the Apocrypha and it was merely $7.22.  That was last year.  Now with “free shipping” the price has been jacked up to $11.29!

Do as I do.  I am NOT going to buy anything I do not absolutely have to have until AFTER this Christmas season shopping is over.  I expect prices to drop and prices indeed may fall significantly as our economy crashes.

Government Shutdown, Default and Fight Over ObamaCare are Covers for What’s REALLY IMPORTANT!

The sociopaths who run these United States America are enjoying the dog & pony show running the government shutdown over ObamaCare and threatening to default on our nation’s debts in order to distract the public from the really important thing coming up fast.

This is the 100th year of the Federal Reserve and their charter granted  by Congress was for only 100 years.  So, later year just before Christmas Congress will have to either re-authorize that grand theft known as the Federal Reserve System which is unconstitutional or Congress will have to let the Federal Reserve expire!

This fraudulent fiat money system is how the enemy took US over!

And how they control the world!

Without the Federal Reserve System World War I would never have happened.

Nor would most of the wars and genocides of the last century.

What the Congress and Woodrow Wilson did when they voted on December 22, 1913 authorizing the Federal Reserve was to deny US of just measures and weights.  They violated the Biblical principles which kept US strong for a long time.  And they set the stage for the international Zionist communist Jewish bankers to rob the wealth of the world!

So, there is no real money.  And there is no real debt.  But there is theft and enslavement world wide.


And have a chance at real world peace.

America must return to Constitutional money.  We must return to silver coinage not necessarily gold.  This is THE ONLY WAY to become a free people once again.

And we can rid ourselves of these sociopathic politicians!


Revolution is dangerous.  Revolution is scary.  Yet, we all know it is coming.  I was wondering if the smaller countries around the world are going to set an example of us in America.  Perhaps they will set an example for us.

It makes sense.  After all, the US is spying on everyone across the planet.  The US spies on its own citizens and the rest of the world!  But, we citizens are not alarmed by their spying at all.  We are nonplussed, while the rest of the world is registering large protests against the US for this inward and outward espionage.

Other countries are very upset and registering complaints loudly protesting the US spying upon them and their people while folks in the US consider this business as usual,

So, might the revolution come from outside the US?  Might the revolution begin in countries like Egypt?

I certainly hope so.  I don’t care where it comes from so much as I care that we wake up and shut down this Beast of a government we call the Federal Government of the USA.

The rest of the world knows what bullies we have become.  The rest of the world recognizes the US as the world oppressor.  Indeed, Americans have only been too willing to become the policemen of the world.  The problem is we are intruding in other peoples’ business and not minding our own.

Maybe if Egypt is successful in ridding itself of the Muslim Brotherhood and establishes self rule without Obama’s interference and with the interference of the US Federal Government and State Department, Americans might wake up and realize how oppressive our own State Department, which is loaded with communists, has been and is around the world.

The only way to stop the monstrosity is to give up our superiority complex and allow other peoples and other countries to rule themselves without overt and covert interference by the State Department and the alphabet soup agencies we have allowed to run amok—destroying the self determination of peoples around the world!

That’s right.  The US has become the world’s bully.  Our State Department has put people around the world under communism!  We did it in China and abandoned the largest segment of the world’s population to communism.

So, I ask:

What does America stand for?

What does the US State Department do around the world?

Forget about the talk, the words and rhetoric.  Observe the actual behavior and the outcomes.

Why?  Because America, regardless of administration, has been sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong ever since the inception of the Federal Reserve System.  Once we gave our wealth and power to the international bankers, it has been perpetual war.

Why?  Because it suits our keepers to profit off the wars and the blood of American boys.  There is no Pax Americana (American Peace, Latin); there is only the pox of the United States State Department successfully spreading communism around the world and genocide!

Wake up, America!

Reserving Judgement on Edward Snowden

There is no other sensible route than to withhold judgement on Edward Snowden until all the data is in.  In the future, when we recover our nation and our republic, Snowden may be rightfully regarded as a hero.

I am hoping Snowden might reveal exactly how Obama plans to destroy (He may call it “transform.”) America from within.  So far, it appears Obama is following the path modeled by his Communist mentors in history, primarily in Russia, Joseph Stalin.  However, Obama in his posture reminds me of Lenin–his head cocked back defiantly.

Remember (or know) that the “communist revolution” in Russia was a Jewish movement lead from New York City financed by the “banksters” who suckered our Congress into creating the Federal Reserve System.

Famous Last Words by Woodrow Wilson

“I would rather lose a cause that will some day win,

than to win a cause that will some day lose!

— Woodrow Wilson

Let’s hope and pray the Federal Reserve’s charter will NOT be renewed upon it’s expiration this December 23rd.  Thereby, Woodrow Wilson’s cause will have lost!

The Federal Reserve System in NOT Constitutional!  And the International Banksters have robbed US!