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CIA and Trump

Just because the newly inaugurated President Trump appears within one hour at the Central Intelligence Agency’s Headquarters in Langley and assures the CIA that he has their back, does NOT mean that the CIA has the back of our President!


The CIA killed John F. Kennedy.  What or who is to say that the CIA will not assassinate another sitting President again?

The answer is NOTHING!  NOBODY!

The CIA Supervisor on the scene at Dealey Plaza was none of other than George H. Bush who was accompanied by his son George W. Bush.  The senior oversaw the triangulation of fire upon JFK and the junior watched history in the making.

Talk about family secrets!

The Last Survivor of the Kennedy Assassination Team

The last survivor of the Kennedy Assassination Team is still alive.  He is none other than former President George H. Bush!

We need to take him into custody and interrogate George Bush before he passes away!  This may be our only chance to get word from one of the major players in the assassination of JFK.

Bush was a major player in the planning and execution of the assassination when he was working for the CIA.  Part of his reward for taking part in the assassination was becoming President of the United States himself and his son’s ascension to the Presidency may also have been pay off by those behind the scenes.

No less that four future Presidents of the united States were involved in the Kennedy Assassination!

Richard Nixon assembled the CIA hit squad of shooters who were only part of the plan.  Lyndon Johnson conspired to kill John Kennedy long before the two took office.  Gerald Ford was a member of the Warren Commission, in fact he was the last surviving member of the Warren Commission that covered up the Kennedy assassination.

For their parts in killing Kennedy all of these men were rewarded with the office of the President of the United States.  Join me in demanding one of the last surviving murderers is brought to justice, tried and sentenced and interrogated in order that we might learn the full truth finally about the untimely assassination of a sitting United States’ President!


President John F. Kennedy Assassination Solved!

To date I have been able to determine that no less than four future Presidents of the United States were involved in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy!

One remains alive today! And justice has NEVER been served.

There is still time to depose this man and charge him with his active participation in the JFK Assassination and I urge that we do so as fast as possible.

That man is George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States:


The other Presidents were Gerald Ford who was the last survivor of the Warren Commission which white-washed the assassination and covered it up.

Richard M. Nixon who formed the assassination team while he was Vice President (unbeknownst to President Eisenhower) that was directly involved in the assassination at Dealey Plaza.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was an active participant who destroyed evidence in order to cover up the assassination in order to usurp the Presidency.

However, LBJ was not the only one to destroy evidence. None of other than the head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover ordered the destruction of physical evidence against the law.

All of these men are guilty of high crimes, felonies, High Treason against the people of the United States of America!

Here is a book published in 2001 I highly recommend that details the names of every killer except two. In my honest and humble opinion Robert Gaylon Ross Senior has unlocked and documented half the crime and I urge every concerned American to buy this book in hard back:

However, the other part of the crime was solved by Charles Giuliani which he revealed during his broadcasts on Truth Hertz Radio in January 2011: