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Dr. Kent Show November 26, 2017


Calling for Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to fire Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan for negligence in the murder of Officer Brent Lumley and in the untimely death of Deputy Warden Ron Odum.

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Recommended reading:

Martha Stout (2006) “The Sociopath Next Door” and the increase in sociopathy as out culture deteriorates form 4% to 8% of the population of the USA with a significant increase of females at a ratio of 5:3.

Bryce Taylor (1999) “Thanks for the Memories” citing Henry Kissinger as the modern Balaam.  The misuse of psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Cathy O’Brien (1995)  “TRANCEformation of America” how sex and psychology through the CIA’s MKULKTRA were used to build the Deep State.

https://archive.org/stream/TranceformationOfAmerica/tranceformation_america_djvu.txtTRANCEformation of America full text

Eye witness report of the Hillary Clinton Sex Video and minors transported on the very same plane [the Lolita Express] for the purposes of sexual exploitation on Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island by Sara from Ecuador.

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Dr. Kent Show November 12, 2017

The original sin. Genesis 3:13

God’s real name. Psalm 68:4

The Clinton Sex Tapes hosted and posted on the government of Ecuador website.

Guest Ray Bunzow, Teacher.

Guest Sara from Ecuador, eye witness.

Why Americans Should be Concerned about the Magnitsky Act

The Magnitsky Act was put forth based upon fraud but its reaches are far and it is not just about money but the recent bill Trump signed is in reality an attempt by Congress to limit President Trump’s power.  Congress will not impeach Trump because there is no evidence.  Russia did not hack into and alter our election results.

We, the people, need to contact President Trump and tell him that we back him fully.  We need to let President Donald J. Trump know that we are behind him and we will support him as he drains the swamp.

The first person Trump needs to have arrested is that traitor Brennan, the former CIA director and Muslim convert.  We need Trump to drain the swamp now!  We can not wait until 2018.  We will not make it to 2018 unless we get those traitors arrested now and confine them.

That includes Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.  We need them all arrested now and we all need to contact Trump and tell him that we back him–NOW!

Folks, we have a Constitutional crisis on our hands NOW!  We need to understand that these sanctions against Russia are designed to do two very important things:

  1.  Cause war between the USA and Russia.
  2.  Reduce President Trump’s power as President.


Bringing the murderers of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia to justice is crucial to restoring our Republic!

Why has President Donald John Trump failed to investigate this murder committed under Obama that leads directly to John Podesta and Chelsea Clinton and hence to her mother Hillary Rodham Clinton?

NYPD Clinton Sex Videos

A couple of days have passed since I was informed of what I am publishing on the sex abuse videos found on Anthony Weiner’s lap top.  Here is what my senior psychologist told me.

The New York Police secured these video and photos which are not legal to even possess in America.  So, I have not viewed this material myself and my colleague has not sent me the links because she knows that it is illegal in America, land of the not so free, to even possess one picture, one frame of these!

My peer accessed these videos from the government of Ecuador’s web site!  The Ecuadorians do not have this on their government website to provide titillation.  Rather, Ecuador is a family oriented Catholic Christian nation and they want the public at large to be able to view this sordid video and see for themselves the horror of it because they want to put a stop to it.

But in America, we are not free.  We certainly are not free to view these video ourselves and see for ourselves the evidence, the faces of Bill and Hillary and Huma and their victims–children who are forced to submit to acts they obviously do not consent to as they scream and cry!

She saw the video of Hillary performing oral sex on an apparently 13 year old girl against that child’s wishes!  Huma and Hillary we naked in bed with that 13 year old girl who protested verbally their actions upon her!  IT WAS RAPE!

She saw several videos of former President Bill Clinton raping different underage girls.  One was as young as five years old!  Others were seven and thirteen.  She reported that they must have been six or seven explicit videos of William Jefferson Clinton RAPING MINOR GIRLS!

In each video is was obvious he was raping these underage girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s island!  The girls cried and screamed.

I asked about other adults and if they protected the girls.  My confidant told me that there were many other adults but they were cheering Bill Clinton on and it appeared those adults were engaged in some sort of ritual, a Satanic cult celebration of sorts.

Do you feel protected by our Federal laws against child pornography?  I thought it a good idea to make such things against the law but in this case those laws protect the rich and powerful and the rapists and pedophiles!  We need the freedom in America to be able to view these videos and confirm these heinous deeds.  We need to know the truth and go after these bastards!

Hillary’s Health

Hillary’s advanced health disease information has already been leaked by the secret service.  Soon (within the week) you will see foreign media organizations printing this information in America.

This regards Hillary’s health.


Hillary officially has Parkinson’s Disease. They have already spent $250,000 to alter the vans so she can enter them. Hillary cannot do ANY live media (press) news conferences because the photo flashing lights will bring on a major seizure. She cannot physically climb stairs. She is beyond possible treatment. There will have to be an announcement in the U.S. soon. She is deteriorating fast. She falls a lot. A Black Doctor is constantly following her with a anti-seizure medication and she injects her when she has seizures. The secret service has leaked this.

Coming Civil War in America

If Hillary puts her hand on the Bible, the Civil War is on!

Once she takes the oath of office and lies about that, then you know the final Civil War that George Washington saw in his visions is on!

Whether or not Washington’s dreams as reported are true or false, that Civil War will happened until the Book of Obadiah in the Bible, all 21 verses of it are fulfilled.  READ THE BIBLE!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a SOCIOPATH and the elite and their international bankers are a SOCIOPATHIC CULTURE!

Read Martha Stout’s (2006) book entitled “The Sociopath Next Door” to understand that these are evil people with purely malevolent intent who enjoy damaging others!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Must be Disbarred!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch must be disbarred!  Completely stripped of any and all ability to practice law!

Lynch’s recent meeting with impeached former President Bill Clinton was designed to purposely torpedo the FBI and DOJ investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Since Lynch has demonstrated such poor judgment and totally muddied the waters in a way purposely to delay the investigations and charges against Hillary Clinton, she must resign or be terminated and be disbarred.

ABC News Exclusive is Tantamount to an Admission Hillary Clinton’s Presidential run is Over

ABC News interview of Hillary Clinton is tantamount to an admission that her presidential run is over!  And that is good news and it is expected.

After all, the former Secretary is guilty of so much bad judgment and and bad behavior that the failure of the Obama Department of Justice to prosecute her makes it obvious to the pu8blic that the rule of law in America has long passed.

To charge and convict former CIA Director Patreus for far lessor crimes shows the clout the Clinton’s have at circumventing the law.  Remember, it was Hillary Clinton as First Lady who had 219 FBI records on Congressmen on her desk (wrongfully) for the specific purpose of blackmailing Congress to not impeach her husband President Bill Clinton.  Those 219 legislators could have only gone forward with an impeachment if they were willing to risk their entire FBI files and their mischief made public!

No more Clintons and no more Bushes in officer–ever!

Obama Made World War III Inevitable

Secretary of State John Kerry is proving to be worse than Hillary Clinton was!  As impossible as it seems, Kerry is far worse and he hides the fact he’s a Jew as well.  I guess everyone today is Jewish.

With the agreement with Iran the Obama Administration has sealed the fates of America and the world.  We are faced with a war that will destroy America.  That is what Obama wants.  So, Barack allows Iran to build a nuclear bomb.  Actually, I don’t think that in itself is so horrible.

What is horrible is that this entire episode has been manipulated to set the scene so that that postage stamp of a false nation Israel will now start WWIII!

I hate how the current crop of false conservatives are drawing parallels with Neville Chamberlain’s agreement with Herr Hitler.  Why?  Because it is short sighted.

Had the British never attacked Germany and started the fratricidal World Wars, Hitler never would have risen to power.  The problem has always been and always will be the Jewish International bankers (Rothschild’s) and their behind the scenes manipulations to subjugate the world.  And to think they are FALSE JEWS that Jesus warned us about twice in Revelations (2:9, 3:9).

When will we ever read the Bible and discover the truth about what is going on on the planet?

Obama tried to start World War III by overtly attacking Syria.  He’s been undermining Syria by illegally supplying weapons, money and mercenaries for a long time.  But the American people would not go for it and Putin was able to steal Obama’s thunder and narrowly avert WWIII by negotiation.

But Obama and his masters will not be put off forever.  They will have their WWIII or we will have full scale revolution inside America.  I would rather have the fight here inside the United States than see ICBM’s tossed back and forth between countries–especially since President Obama took most of our nuclear warheads off their missiles in the Midwestern states and moved them to South Carolina making them inoperative.

Folks, this is far more dangerous than it appears!