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Governor Ducey is doing his best to Destroy the Arizona State Retirement System

It seems like he is doing his best to destroy the ASRS in order to fund his education program.  The benefactors of which will be the ILLEGAL ALIENS because he has to hire teachers who are bilingual and that will BANKRUPT the State of Arizona.

They are not only bilingual in Spanish.  They are bilingual in any group that is in the USA.  Right now the largest group of immigrants and anchor babies are Chinese.  However, the Chinese speak several languages and then there are dialects to consider.  So, you have to Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Haka and so forth.

We have all the Europeans and we are loaded with different people from the Middle East and Africa.  There is no end to this!

So, you have to hire some one who is bilingual in both those languages and English.  So you have to have as many as 50 different teachers in once school.

An Open Letter to Senators and Congressmen

We  know who you are but you don’t know who we are.  There are too many of us for your to know.

I write for the common man and woman.  Certainly, I am identifying myself to you.

This is how we feel, what we think and what we know:

YOU ARE ALL TRAITORS!  YOU HAVE BETRAYED US AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET the way you wielded power and sold us out for your own gain.  Enjoy your power while you may.  You will never enjoy a normal life.  One of anonymity and privacy while out in public.  Moreover, expect the public to harass you and perhaps even attack you.

Why?  Because of the way you have managed our nation, we are in a steep decline and we know we shall never rise out of this mess you have created unless we get rid of you and replace you with Constitutional legislators.

People are fast learning the differences between what you claim is your authority and our government, a series of several shells, corporate versions of these United States of America, and the real Constitutional Republic which we started as.  We are know the differences by the theft you perpetrate upon us and allow others to predate upon us.  We are learning the differences and the day is coming soon when you will called into account for your mismanagement and betrayal of we, the American people.

Don’t dare show your faces in public after trying to foist off this Immigration AMNESTY Bill bunch of lies!

The day is coming soon in which we are going to hunt you down and you will be tried for your duplicity and many crimes!

This Immigration Bill was Written by the Obama Admistration

This Immigration Bill was authored by Obama and his administration in secret and the “Gang of 8” is complicit in this fraud against the American people!

You want to know how Obama is going to “fundamentally transform America?”

Seriously, this Immigration ANMESTY is the same tactic that destroyed Rome!  By dismantling the walls (the laws) that protect and preserve a society, Obama plans upon DESTROYING AMERICA!

Don’t let him do it!  Or at least don’t let him do it without notice.

Write both of your Senators and your Congressman.  Tell them NOT to allow this AMNESTY Immigration bill to come to a vote!  Tell your Senators and the banks and Congressman to stop lying to the American people.

As it stands every Senator and Congressman is a CRIMINAL and a LAW BREAKER!  How?  Because failing to enforce the Rule of Law IS A CRIME!  Their failure to enforce our laws is a crime, actually, a series of crimes!

If you want a country and you want to future.  If you want to hold onto what few assets you have after the recent lootings by the banks and our federal leaders, YOU NEED TO ACT NOW!

Once this Immigration AMNESTY bill becomes law, America will be over.  We will never be out of debt and we will never be great again.  The weight of carrying these “Crimmigrants” will break the back of America.

Moreover, the Mexicans and Muslims who have entered out country illegally don’t care!  If anything, they want to destroy America!

Talk about a weird war!  This one has been brought upon the American people by the federal government and our traitors who consider themselves leaders!  May God forgive those Senators and Congressman and Speaker of the House John Boehner for bringing this destruction upon our nation because I can not.

The First Step in Immigration Reform: A 10 Year Moratorium on All Immigration

There can be no other sane first step other than MAKING IT A CRIME TO BE IN AMERICA ILLEGALLY than calling a halt to ALL IMMIGRATION for a decade until we can sort out who and what we already have here!

The idea comes from another psychologist.  I would credit him but I am certain it might negatively impact his ability to work–we have become that “intolerant” in America that our First Amendment Free Speech Rights can not be exercised without negatively impacting those who take any stand against the status quo and our keepers.